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Winter-Themed Prayers for Your Home (Free Printable Prayer Cards)

Praying for your home is one of the best ways you can breathe life into your home no matter the season. Download these winter-themed prayer cards for your home and start intentionally praying God’s Word for your home.

Right now it’s the middle of the winter and it seems to not want to end, but alas Groundhog day is tomorrow, which means that we are halfway through winter!

At the turn of each new season, I tend to look at my home with a new gaze.

Spring tends toward cleaning and decluttering.

Summer beckons for open spaces and ready-to-go bins and bags.

Fall is for welcoming the harvest and transitioning to colder times.

And winter is for activity bins full of interesting things to keep us busy when we’re forced inside and cozy blankets to cuddle up with when the shadows draw closer each night.

Each season has a rhythm and routine to it (you can see our Winter Rhythm and Routine here), and one of the things I’m seeking to grow is in being faithful to pray for my home and family.

Therefore, one of the things I like to do during the changing of seasons (besides create new routines and lists) is create new prayer cards for my home that I can use to pray through the rooms of my home intentionally with the seasons.

Of course we don’t need prayer cards to pray over our home, but I like having these prompts ready to go for those long winter days when praying seems hard. Plus having a visual reminder of ready to go prayer for my home helps me to work on the habit of prayer in my home until perhaps one day I will pray without ceasing, without reminder.

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Therefore, today I’m sharing with you winter prayer cards for your home so you can, too, can glean some fresh inspiration for your prayer life.

These are prayers you can print off and use as prayer prompts to pray over your home as you clean, prayer walk your home, or just focus on one card a day to pray during your morning quiet time.

However you want to use these winter prayer cards, there is a free printable at the end of this post you can use to infuse your home in prayer this winter season.

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Room-By-Room Winter Prayer Cards for Your Home

Living Room

Thank You, Jesus, for this warm space we can come and gather together on cold, long nights and dreary winter days. May Your presence envelope us like a warm blanket, renewing our faith, and restoring our peace as we look to You, the author and finisher of our faith.

Children’s Bedroom

Lord, thank You for these arrows You’ve placed in my quiver. Help them to trust in You for all things, and may You give them rest. As my children enter their bedrooms, Lord, make Your presence known; help them to know they are Yours and You love them with an unending love.

Master Bedroom

Jesus, thank you for a place I can lay my head and find rest after a long day. May this room be full of the gentle spirit of Your presence. You are such a good Father who renews our strength and gives rest to our weary souls. As I lay my head down at night, may You be the last thing I think of and let Your praises rise from my heart as I wake each morning.


Lord, thank You for warm clothes to wear and shoes for my feet. May I feel your loving embrace in everything I do, as I put on what is good, true, and beautiful in You. Jesus, I ask that You grant me clarity of purpose and guide me onto the path You set for me before the foundation of the world. May everything I do today be for Your glory.


God, thank You for the provisions to feed my family and all who enter this home. Thank You for the gift of food and fellowship. As we prepare food for the table, may we remember Your sacrifice that made a way for us to be in relationship with You. May we never take for granted this gift of abundance, and help us to find ways to share it with as many as we are able.

Outdoor Space

Lord, thank You for the seasons. Thank You for the falling snow and the frigid temperatures for they remind us that all things must slow and find their rest in You. Lord, give us peace as we wait for the time we can enjoy our outdoor spaces again, and give us fresh vision for how we can bring creativity and beauty to our home for Your glory.

Play Areas

Thank You for the joy that can be found in the changing of seasons: a fresh falling of snow, an indoor fort, and long nights of reading and games. Infuse into our children the joy of creativity when they feel bored. Help them to discover new talents and interests this winter to be used for Your glory.


Lord, thank You for Your gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. As we care for our bodies in this place, help us to root our thoughts and beliefs in who You say we are. Give us grace to see ourselves the way You see us, holy and beloved, washed clean by the blood of the Lamb. Give us fresh faith as we renew our hearts and minds in You.Lord, thank You for Your gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. As we care for our bodies in this place, help us to root our thoughts and beliefs in who You say we are. Give us grace to see ourselves the way You see us, holy and beloved, washed clean by the blood of the Lamb. Give us fresh faith as we renew our hearts and minds in You.

Laundry Area

Thank You for the clothes littering my laundry room floor, the dirty blankets, and the extra gear that winter brings. As we bring our clothes to be washed each week, may we bring our hearts to You for renewal and refreshing. Grant us clean hearts, O God, as we turn our hearts to You.

Entry Way

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome all who enter. Whether it’s family or friends, stranger or repairman, may this home be a place of welcome and retreat for all who enter. 


You are the light of the world, Jesus. You alone are the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through You. As we walk the hallways of our home, Lord, may we remember that the pathway to righteousness is narrow, but we know the way because we have You.

Praying for our homes is such a privilege.

A privilege that takes intentionality and mindfulness to make happen.

But we can do it!

Download Your Free Room-By-Room Winter Prayer Cards

If you want to start praying strategically for your home and the people in your home, then pop your email address into the box below, and we’ll send your winter prayer cards right over.

What are you some ways you can infuse more prayer into your home this winter?

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