Why Green Tea is Considered a Flu Fighting Food

Are you thinking about getting the flu shot? Why not fight back with food instead! Each Wednesday we are revealing a different food that is purported to support your immune system in the fight against the cold and flu viruses that run rampant this time of year.

So far we have talked about the immune boosting benefits of pumpkin and the importance of eating breakfast. This week, we’re talking about green tea.

Wait, that’s not a food.

No. No it’s not. However, green tea has incredible immune boosting benefits.

Immune Boosting Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant (right alongside Vitamins C and E), which is said to help protect against a variety of diseases. Because of it’s ability to eliminate free radicals, it dramatically inhibits the flu virus from replicating. Therefore, it will not only help prevent the flu virus from entering your system, but if you do contract the flu, it could greatly lessen the duration of the virus.

Drinking green tea is also a great way of ensuring that you are taking in plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated is an easily forgotten natural remedy. Ask me how I know…

It is important to note that the majority of research for green tea assumes that we are consuming at least 3-5 cups per day. So, if you only have one cup of green tea a day, you will not reap all of the benefits. But don’t let that stop you from drinking it when you can.

What kind of tea should you buy?

Good, high quality tea will produce a pale green to yellow cup. Your tea should smell sweet and grassy when squeezed.

Are you wondering if your tea bag is filled with fresh green tea? To test tea bags for freshness, remove the tea from the bag, and place the empty bag in a cup. Pour hot water over it, and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. If the result tastes like plain hot water, the tea itself is likely fresh. If the tea bag water tastes like tea, the tea is old, and the paper has absorbed its flavor.


We buy Yogi Green Tea . I personally tested our stash last night, and had the unfortunate pleasure of sipping hot water. Have you ever sipped plain ol’ hot water? *shiver while saying juuuuu* Not so tasty. Not tasty at all. But alas, we have fresh tea!

My Favorite Way to Drink Green Tea

Steep 1 Yogi Green Tea bag in warm water for 2-3 minutes with lemon and ginger. Add a little honey to taste.

I love a nice, warm cup of green tea after lunch. Sort of like a pick me up to finish the day. This is yummy and soothing. In fact, I might have one now… oh wait, I’m already drinking this – Gypsy Cold Care . I’ll drink green tea next, then.

What are Some Other Ways to Enjoy Green Tea?

Well you will have to check out the other great green tea recipes and tips shared by the other amazing ladies hosting this series with me. I’m still feeling under the weather so I didn’t get creative this week (in case you didn’t catch all the complaining above). I’m doing good to get regular food on my table. But they have some wonderfully creative ways to get green tea into your diet!

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  1. Very informative. Very funny. Hot water is gross. I have noticed that I have to put other stuff (sweet) in my tea to enjoy it! I like hot water with honey and lemon…I like your ginger idea!

  2. Thanks for your garlic and honey idea! its great:) oh, but “If it tastes like plain hot water the tea is fresh? ” I think you said that backwards…