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55+ Toddler Snacks (You and) Your Toddler Will Love

55+ toddler snacks you and your toddler will love! Here’s a list of toddler snacks that are huge hits in my house. it just makes things so much easier!

55+ toddler snacks you and your toddler will love! Here's a list of toddler snacks that are huge hits in my house. it just makes things so much easier!  | IntentionalByGrace.com

There are days when I feel like I do nothing but feed a baby or toddler all day long. The minute I finish the breakfast dishes someone wants to nurse or “have a snack.”

It can be exhausting!

When it comes to feeding my children (and myself!), I don’t want to waste calorie consumption on foods that simply do not supply my children the nutrients they need. Even โ€œorganicโ€ snacks are often highly processed and provide little nutritional value.

Sad, I know.

Of course, sometimes I do purchase these “snacks.” Occasional sanity savers are sometimes necessary in the grand scheme of things!

Think: grace!

Even though preparing meals and snacks for my babies is exhausting, it is necessary. But it can be made easier with a little preparation.

Every morning after breakfast, my toddler and I talk about the snacks he wants to “pack” for the day. Together we choose 2-4 snacks that we can prepare together that will be available to him to choose from throughout the day.

Preparing snacks immediately after breakfast has significantly increased the number of nutrition-packed snacks I’ve been able to provide my toddler. Once the day gets going, you can forget about me being able to come up (or put together) anything that resembles a nutritious snack.

I learned about this method of snack preparation from my friend, Amy, at Gospel Homemaking. She calls them snack boxes. It’s genius!

The following is a list of toddler snacks that are huge hits in my house. For me, when I have a list to choose from, it just makes things so much easier!

Fruits & Vegetables

1. applesauce
2. fruit leather
3. mini apple pies
4. sliced apples (with almond butter and/or raisins or chocolate chips)
5. apple chips
6. raisins
7. mango (fresh, frozen, or dried)
8. dried apricots
9. bananas (with peanut butter and raisins)
10. banana chips (dehydrated bananas)
11. fruit salad
12. melons (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew)
13. berries (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry – fresh, frozen, or dried)
14. grapes (fresh or frozen)
15. pears
16. peaches
17. plums
18. kiwi
19 oranges or clementines
20. pineapple (fresh, frozen, or dried)
21. sweet potato fries (or these carrot frites look yummy!)
22. kale chips
23. split pea crisps
24. English peas (frozen or lightly steamed)
25. sugar snap peas (raw, straight off the vine is my toddler’s favorite summer snack!)
26. edamame with sea salt
27. carrots (with healthy homemade hummus, avocado dip, or black bean hummus)
28. celery (with probiotic ranch dressing or almond butter and raisins)
29. sweet peppers (orange or yellow)
30. cucumbers (diced with yogurt, squeeze of lemon, salt, pepper, and pinch of paprika is yummy!)
31. avocados


32. sourdough pumpkin waffles
33. pancakes
34. French toast
35. muffins ( we like these: savory muffins or morning glory muffins are a couple of our favorites!)
36. no-bake energy bites (or if you’re into herbs, these are amazing!)
37. chewy granola bars

55+ toddler snacks you and your toddler will love! Here's a list of toddler snacks that are huge hits in my house. it just makes things so much easier!  | IntentionalByGrace.com

Nuts & seeds

38. cashews
39. sunflower seeds
40. pumpkin seeds
41. pine nuts (we get these from our local health store for cheap!)
42. pecans
43. almond butter roll up (take a tortilla, spread nut butter across the middle, and roll up. Use a little extra nut butter to seal the edges closed.)
44. almond butter & strawberry sandwich

Other Ideas

45. popcorn
46. frozen yogurt covered fruit pops – these look so fun!
47. toasted chickpeas
48. plain yogurt (good with berries and granola)
49. kombucha jello
50. hard boiled egg with a little sea salt (Here’s how to make the perfect hard boiled egg).
51. cottage cheese (good with clementines, peaches, or pineapple chunks!)
52. string cheese
53. cubed cheese (raw mild cheddar is our favorite!)
54. smoothies
55. dried seaweed (my toddler loves these with sesame seeds!)

By the way, if you’re interested in the Whole 30 Challenge, then you’ll love this post: How We Did the Whole 30 Challenge with Kids.

What are some of your favorite toddler snacks?

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  1. I’ll admit – I’m definitely using these tips to pack snacks for myself throughout the day! I’m not allowed to eat at work (sad) so the only snacks I can bring have to fit in my apron and be eaten in secret. Some of these will totally work! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚