7 Tips for Creating a Daily Bible and Prayer Routine

Tips for Creating a Daily Bible Reading & Prayer Routine

7 Tips for Creating a Daily Bible and Prayer Routine

The last year has been a journey for me – mostly a journey in grace.

In resting.

In trusting fully in the finished work of Christ.

I am learning that the Christian life is less about doing and more about being.

Being loved.

Being forgiven.

Being free.

I am learning that Jesus is just as present when we pull out our kid’s juice box and snack-pack crackers and take communion alone in the corner of the kitchen collapsed on the floor in exhaustion, as He is when we’re gathered with friends around His Word.

Jesus is ever present, ever ready, and ever enough for my every day.

Because He is enough, I have learned that I desire to pursue Him all the more in His Word.

Spending time in God’s Word is of utmost importance as a Christian.

However, nothing can be more frustrating than to finally snag some time to commune with God, and then… stare at my Bible wondering what to read or what to do first.

I have found that creating a routine for my quiet time helps me focus and stay consistent in my time with God.

7 Practical Tips for Creating a Bible Reading & Prayer Routine

Here are 7 Practical Tips for Creating a Daily Bible Reading & Prayer Routine:

1. Pray for a hunger for God’s Word.

“Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation.” ~1 Peter 2:2

There’s no better place to start than in prayer when it comes to growing in Christ.

Pray that you might hunger for His word, so that you might know Him and honor Him with your life.

2. Choose a set time to read and pray.

When you sit down with God doesn’t matter.

It could be …

  • in the morning,
  • in the evening,
  • after the kids are in school,
  • while the kids do afternoon rest time,
  • during your baby’s first feeding,
  • or any other time that works for you!

Choosing when you will meet with God each day adds a layer of accountability that helps you to stay consistent.

And this time can change from season to season.

The time that works this month, may not work next month. That’s okay. Just adjust to the season you’re in right now and stick to it.

3. Start with a time of praise and worship.

I always start my time with praise and worship. This means I put my earbuds in and turn on some worship music.

The point of this time is to tune my heart to Him and away from myself, my needs, my worries, my troubles.

I simply want to worship Him.

Some songs I enjoy during this time:

  • Speak, O Lord by Keith & Kristyn Getty
  • Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli
  • Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin
  • Lord I Need You by Chris Tomlin
  • Nothing But the Blood of Jesus
  • Be Still My Soul by Kari Jobe

4. Position yourself to hear from God through expectant prayer.

This isn’t when I start praying for everyone in my family or even my needs.

I’m simply asking the Lord to be present and draw near. I’m praying for the Holy Spirit to illuminate the scriptures and give me insight into His Holy Word.

I recorded a video a few years ago about positioning yourself to hear from God. I recommend watching it really quickly to learn more about this expectant prayer time. To save time, you can skip ahead to about the three minute mark where I get really specific about expectant prayer.

Click here to watch the video, or simply press play below.

5. Spend time reading God’s Word.

Next, I move into Bible reading and/or Bible study.

There is a difference between Bible reading and Bible study, and your time in His Word should have a healthy dose of both.

This is, also, when a Bible reading plan comes in handy. Having a plan to follow will help keep you motivated and consistent with your time in the Word.

If you need help finding a Bible reading plan, check out these ideas.

If  want to learn more about how to study your Bible, then I highly recommend, Jen Wilkin’s book, Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Minds.

In her book, she teaches you (in depth and practically) how to study with purpose, perspective, process, prayer, and patience. Reading this book truly transformed my time in the word of God.

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6. Offer prayers of supplication.

After I’ve spent time reading and studying God’s word, I move into prayers of supplication. I like to write my prayers, and I use my prayer notebook pretty heavily during this time.

This is when I begin to pray in response to the text I’ve read as well as praying for my family members and friends. You can read all about my system of prayer here.

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7. Give thanks and praise Him.

Finally, I move into gratitude and praise.

I might continue writing my prayers of thanksgiving, or I might spend time worshiping through music again.

This is simply a time rejoicing in His abundant mercy and grace.

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Creating a simple Bible reading and prayer routine has helped me be more consistent with my time in the Word.

I hope these tips for creating a Bible reading and prayer routine help you grow in the discipline of meeting with God through prayer and His Word.

If you want further encouragement for developing the habit of a daily quiet time, then head here: Developing the Habit of a Daily Quiet Time (No Matter the Season You’re In).

I think you’ll find it helpful.

What about you? Do you have a Daily Bible Reading and Prayer Routine? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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  1. You are amazing! I am so sorry to hear that your baby moved to Heaven before you had a chance to get to know them. But, I am so very excited to hear of your new blessing!! I love your blogs and am so encouraged by every one. Many blessings to you. I pray that God will continually bless you with ALL you need and desire! Psalm 37:4

  2. I read this article yesterday (and took notes!) as my Bible time has been suffering for quite some time. I have been reading straight through the Bible, but it has been dry and bland, not alive and cutting through me like a two-edged sword. Every time I feel like giving up I get a gentle nudge that right now I just need to read and persevere despite my feelings. Anyway, I wrote in the sideline of my notes yesterday that it would be wise to add a time of confession. I immediately wrote in the addendum of “or at least pray that God opens your eyes to your sin” as I pictured how many contrived, heartless confessions I have made to God as I felt like “I needed to find SOMETHING wrong with myself, I am human after all.” Oh, my sinful heart! This morning as I tried to prepare my heart and open up my Bible…well, my prayer was answered! Oh, the conviction laid on my heart over my sin through the passage I read! Sweet, sweet conviction. Sweet, sweet confession. Sweet, sweet grace.

  3. Thank you for this post ! This is what I really need right now. A question please, how long does this daily routine last ?

    1. I think that’s the beauty of it. It can last for as long as I would like or have/make time for it. Sometimes I only have a 15 minutes and other times it can go for two hours. You get to set that time for yourself. 🙂