A lot of great ideas for a superhero themed birthday party! Love this birthday party idea for my little boy.

Superhero Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A lot of great ideas for a superhero themed birthday party! Love this birthday party idea for my little boy.

My oldest turned three this past weekend. We had a superhero themed birthday party, and it was so much fun!

I love themed birthdays (you can see our Uno birthday here and Construction birthday here). I absolutely love everything about planning a party, especially for my children! We don’t give our children gifts on their birthdays. Our focus is on fellowship, food, and fun! This year we were superheroes for the day.

If you’re looking for a birthday party idea, here are some superhero themed birthday party ideas!

The Invitation

I designed the invitation for the superhero themed birthday party. I kept it very simple and printed it out on card stock.

superhero themed birthday party invitation

The Decorations & Food

superhero party food and decorations

superhero cupcakes

I kept the decorations and food very simple for our superhero themed party.ย I ordered a few superhero themed decorations from Oriental Trading, which was very cheap. Then we had cupcakes, ice cream, carrots, and popcorn with apple juice to drink. I chose 1-3pm as the time so it would be sufficient to just have snack foods. Honestly? I wish I had just did cupcakes and ice cream!

superhero banner

We made a “Super Sam” banner by printing letters onto card stock and taping them onto a cheap banner I snagged at WalMart for a dollar.

superhero decorations

A simple table for the superheroes to eat their cupcakes and ice cream.

The Games

This is where I spent the majority of my planning time! We decided to take the kids through a Superhero Training Course with six training stations.

Station 1 – Superhero Changing Station

superhero changing station

superhero changing station supplies

I had masks (from Oriental Trading) with markers for them to color. Using craft foam, we created arm bands with hook and loops attached at each side to make bracelets. I also supplied foam stickers for them to decorate their bracelets, which was so fun! Finally, we had name tags for them to create their own superhero names.

Station 2 – X-Ray Vision

superhero xray vision

We set up two boxes for the superheroes to test their x-ray vision skills.

In one box, we placed three different objects (car, football, and lego). They had to stick their hand in the box; then tell us what was inside. The older the kid the less time they had to feel around.

In the second box, we put 5 “villains” inside. The superheroes had to tell us how many were in there based on how heavy the box was thus testing their x-ray vision skills further!

Station 3 – Bomb Control

superhero bomb control training

We taped off a designated area using superhero tape (Oriental Trading). I blew up balloons, and then tied yarn to the end of each one. The other end was tied to each superheroes leg. The goal was to be the last one with a balloon not popped! The superheroes ran around in the taped off area trying to pop each others’ balloons with just their feet.

Station 4 – Pow Bean Bag Toss

superhero bean bag toss

We re-purposed our stop sign from last year’s birthday party to create this fun POW bean bag toss. To create your own, simply cut out a cardboard box into the shape you want. Then I used two pieces of blue poster board to create my base layer. I cut out a letter “p” and “w” from white poster board, and then a starburst from yellow poster board. I grabbed the Superman S from the web and all of it was pasted on with elmer’s glue! Each superhero got the chance to toss three bean bags to see how many they could get through the hole!

Station 5 – Strength Training Obstacle Course

superhero strength training

superhero themed birthday party

superhero power punch

Next we set up a strength training obstacle course. They had to …

  • Lift 200 lbs
  • Jump the buildings
  • Weave through the construction cones

Then turn around and come back. When they finished jumping the buildings the second time, they had to punch the power punch board. Inside we had treats for them to grab.

To make the 200 lb weights, we used two styrofoam circle plates and covered them in black construction paper with hot glue. My husband drilled a hole into each styrofoam circle, and we slid a dowel rod through. We held the rod in place with rubber bands wrapped several times. Finally, we wrote 100 lbs on the construction paper with white chalk.

To make the buildings, we wrapped shoe boxes, Christmas boxes, diaper boxes, etc. in brown craft paper. Then we cut out black and yellow windows, doors, etc. from construction paper and glued them onto each building.

To make the power punch, we followed these instructions from The Burke Family.

Station 6 – Vaporize the Villain

vaporize the villain

On the last station, the superheroes tested their powers on the villain. No party is complete without silly string. We wrapped silly string cans in construction paper; then taped a cut out with the words “Villain Vaporizer” onto the outside of the can. My husband was a good sport and played the villain. All the superheroes started spraying as soon as he came around the corner!

The Party Favors

superhero party favors

official superhero_edited-1

For party favors, we passed out additional superhero stickers, tootsie roll pops with super hero capes, and official superhero certificates.

superhero birthday party pow

superhero birthday party

All in all, our superhero had a great time. He had so much fun, and the children went on and on about how much fun they had! Being superheroes for the day was a lot of fun.

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    1. Pinterest! I love Pinterest! ๐Ÿ™‚ I get an idea and then think, “OH I can do that with this, this, and this!” I really enjoy it so I’m glad this is helpful for others.

  1. How did you use the hook and look on the foam bands? Trying to figure that out. I am having a party for my son tomorrow and want to use that idea.

    Thank you!