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Scripture Memory Challenge: Changing it Up

Memorizing scripture is one of the most important parts of our Christian walk. Actually, storing God’s Word in our hearts is a better way to say it. Or maybe better yet, we should be so wrapped up in communion with God that our hearts fill up to overflowing with His word and our lives are therefore transformed. Yes. That’s better.

However you say it, we have been doing a Scripture Memory Challenge here at Intentional By Grace for several weeks now. I know I have benefited from the printables and working to store God’s words deep within my heart. And we’re going to continue doing so, we’re just not going to continue posting the scriptures each week on the blog. If you’re interested in weekly accountability, then join our private Facebook group where we will be sure to set a reminder for each week for those taking part in our challenge.

What we will do is post on the first weekday of the month that a new printable is available. It will contain all of the scriptures for the month, and it will be available to download in the bottom of your email or RSS feed, as well as our Scripture Memory Challenge resource page. So the challenge will continue, but we’ll only post about it on the blog once a month. If you want to talk about the scriptures weekly and how you’re doing, join our Facebook group. You dig? Great!

So without further ado, our October Scripture Memory Challenge Printable is ready for download.

{Click here to download: October Scripture Memory Printable}

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