Scripture encouragement for pregnancy and birth

Preparing for Labor Day: Scripture Encouragement for Pregnancy

Scripture encouragement for pregnancy and birth

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The last weeks of pregnancy can be particularly trying, and as I look forward to a natural birth at home, I can be tempted to fear or grow weary of the long process. I am often reminded of my need for God’s sustaining grace.

Bearing children for nine long months and doing the hard work of giving birth cannot be done in my own strength. I need Jesus, and I need God’s Word to encourage me, sustain me, and comfort me day-in and day-out.

One of the ways I am seeking to prepare my heart and mind for the hard work of labor and delivery is by preparing scripture memory cards. I plan to meditate on them in the days ahead, as well as when the first “real” contraction starts all the way through transition and to the end.

With my first child, I had scriptures memorized and the Holy Spirit would bring them to mind in moments when I needed them the most. This time I want to be more intentional and purposeful in having scriptures on hand to help me through each phase of labor – Philippians 4:13 only took me so far. 😉

Scripture Encouragement while Preparing for Birth

Scripture Encouragement for Pregnancy and Birth

Scripture Encouragement for Pregnancy and Birth

Scripture Encouragement for Pregnancy and Birth

Download Your FREE Scripture Encouragement for Pregnancy and Birth Printable Here

The three above are only few of my favorite scriptures to encourage me during pregnancy and birth, but the printable contains twelve verses and a beautiful poem to encourage you as a mother from one of my favorite books, Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. It’s yours free for download!

I have printed my scripture encouragement onto card stock. I plan to leave it in page format instead of cutting up into cards, but they can easily be cut into cards by cutting along the solid lines. The card stock makes it a little more sturdy so it’s easier to hold than regular printer paper. I might even laminate the pages in case I want to take them into the shower with me. We’ll see!

What scripture encouragement would you add to the list for preparing for pregnancy and birth?

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  1. I just found you today and I’m so thankful! My husband and I are expecting our first baby on January 18 and I have intentions of using as much Scripture and worship music as possible. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!