Preparing for Baby (10 Things in My Hospital Bag) - Intentional By Grace
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Preparing for Baby {My Hospital Bag}

By contributing writer, Nikki

Preparing for Baby (10 Things in My Hospital Bag) - Intentional By Grace

A pregnancy update:

I am 38 weeks and a few days. I have a giant baby inside of me and I pray throughout each and every day that I would go into labor sooner than later. Yes, I know, “go 40, it’s better for the baby!” But really, he is big enough, thank you very much! So since I am waiting (and waiting) I have time to make sure everything is done.

You can review my original game plan to see what I set out to do. I summarized my progress with my freezer post so you can see how my progress was as of last week. The only item I had left was my hospital bag and the girl’s overnight bag. They are packed! I also made a list of my last minute items to grab or do. Let’s face it. I don’t have doubles of everything. I only have one iPad (gasp!) so I need to remember to put that in my hospital bag before I leave. A list for these types of things is a must!

All in all, my freezer is full, the car seat is in my car and the bags are packed and either in the car, or easily placed to be grabbed on my way out the door. I am not leaving my house with dishes in the sink or laundry in the wash (good habit, right? NOT one I always follow!) so if I go into labor when I am out, I am prepared. (For those of you who don’t know, I live in the country and though I am not hours from town, it is easier to just stay in town where the hospital is than come back home to tie up loose ends!)

My hospital bag

With each baby I have simplified my hospital bag a little bit more. I start focusing more on those who are left behind (my little girls stuff packed, food prepared, arrangements made, etc.). I also learn each time that the hospital gives you everything you need! Most everything I bring is for comfort. But if I forget something, it isn’t the end of the world! But I made sure to grab my necessities and a few comfort items anyway.

10 Things in My Hospital Bag

1 – My husband’s clothes (jeans, basketball shorts to sleep in, a few t-shirts, undies and socks).
2 – My toiletries (deodorant, Chapstick, brush, hair ties, essential oils, soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste).
3 – My clothes (my coming home outfit, a dark nursing bra (no wire) and a dark nursing tank (I love bravado), and a nursing night gown). Once I am out of the hospital gown I switch to my own so I feel a little more put together and clean! I also make sure it is dark (mine is black) so it doesn’t show any stains!
4 – My little man’s coming home outfit. I think he is going to be a giant, so if he is already too big for my outfit that has footies, I have an open foot option too. Either way, we are prepared!
5 – My iPad and charger. I will have my phone too, but I text from my iPad and I will have my iTunes playlist, Facebook, and eBooks on my iPad for any socializing and reading I want to do post baby. I tend to unplug during this time and sleep as much as possible so I may not need this sucker at all!
6 – Stevia. That is what I put in my coffee and you shouldn’t leave home without it 🙂
7 – Cash for vending machine or miscellaneous gift shop items we need while there.
8 – My birth wishes (several copies – one for my husband to refer to, one for my doula, one for my doctor/nurse) and my hospital questionnaire that was given to me and recommended to fill out. Anytime I can give them the answers without having to literally answer 100 times, I’ll do it.
9 – This is the big one: my list of last minute to do’s and to grabs. It includes my doula’s phone number, labor and delivery’s phone number, my doc’s phone number. So if necessary, I can give the sheet to my husband and it has everything he needs. It also includes my to do’s (close all windows, run dishwasher, make sure no wet clothes are in wash, lock all doors – to name a few) and my “to grabs” (toothbrush for me and hubs, dog food, dog (he is really quiet, and could be forgotten, but needs to go with the girls to Nonnie and Poppy’s house!), iPad, phone, charger, hospital bag, makeup bag and girls overnight bag). It may seem like a lot, but most is already gathered and ready to go. This is just a final checklist so I can not worry about whether or not I remember everything! I highly recommend a last minute list for anyone going into labor. You will be flustered, even if you aren’t in a rush to get to the hospital!
10 – Socks! My feet get cold! And walking around in the hospital having socks is nice. I brought two pair of short socks.

Now, if the baby would just get here! I suppose I should read Leigh Ann’s post about naturally inducing labor? That way I am prepared, because if he isn’t here by next Monday I may start trying some of those things out!

What are your hospital bag essentials?

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  1. I have it in my head that Parker is coming Saturday. I may cry when he doesn’t because really, I’m sure it’s wishful thinking! Maybe the thought will give me the push I need to finish my packing!

  2. Baby number two for us is now 16 days old. He was a boy and came 12 days early. Since Kenna was 12 days late I wasn’t expecting it and hadn’t gotten everything on my list done yet. 🙂 He knew when he wanted to come and was in a hurry – born in ER triage in our local hospital instead of at the hospital 1.5 hours away with a midwife that we were planning on. Everything worked out though! Hopefully your little guy will decide to come soon. Can’t wait to see pictures.