How to Prepare for the First Trimester of Pregnancy
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How to Prepare for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a gift and a joy, but first trimester for some of us is very difficult.

We are weeks away from meeting our third little boy, and I cannot wait to hold him in my arms, finally see the face of the baby I’ve been imagining, and kiss that sweet little forehead.

If you’re anything like me, I usually find out I’m pregnant within a day or so of a missed cycle. This means I’m only about 4-5 weeks pregnant when I find out.

Not many women escape first trimester unscathed. There’s morning sickness, exhaustion, extreme hunger, exhaustion … wait, I said that already.

With two other children and a husband who works from home, I knew things would probably get a little crazy. Because I had been through first trimester twice before, I knew I had a couple of weeks before any major symptoms set in.

Therefore, when I found out I was pregnant again, I decided to be intentional and prepare for first trimester.

How to Prepare for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

I want to share with you what I did because it made a huge difference for my family. Plus this was my worst first trimester yet, so I was doubly thankful that I took some time to prepare!

1. Rejoice in what the Lord has done

Before I allowed myself to start preparing for first trimester, I gave myself time to rejoice. This is an important step because it’s easy to miss the joy of just knowing you’re pregnant. The to-do list can wait a day or two, if needed. Be intentional to rejoice and give thanks!

2. Clean the house

I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Cleaning is the last thing I want to do when I’m nausea and exhausted, and I wasn’t sure when I would be able to muster the energy to clean again. So, I gave my house a good scrubbing so at least we had a nice clean start.

Some tasks I made sure to complete:

  • Deep cleaned the bathrooms (no one wants to be hugging a dirty toilet – am I right?)
  • Changed the sheets on everyone’s bed and made sure the second set was clean and ready to go
  • Cleaned out the refrigerator and gave the drawers a good scrub
  • Cleaned ceiling fans along with the regular dusting (so I had less dust dropping)
  • Mopped all the floors
  • Made sure all the laundry was completely caught up

I also made sure my natural cleaning basket was stocked for my husband in case he needed to help me out anywhere along the way.

3. Prepare Meals

Next I did a big batch freezer cooking day. Cooking dinner is always hard for me during first trimester, and my husband loves being able to help. To make it easier, I tried to get several meals into the freezer that we could pull out on those really hard days.

Some meals I put in the freezer:

If you want more freezer cooking inspiration, check out my Freeze Your Way to Freedom series!

4. Plan ahead for your other children

Finally, I took some time to plan ahead for my two boys.

We homeschool, and I knew that would be hard to do. So, I made sure all my lessons were planned through the end of first trimester. I pulled out all the printables and worksheets we’d need and made a list of library books to put on hold. I even put together some fresh busy bags.

In addition, I did a quick toy clean out and re-organization so that they’d be able to easily put their toys away without any extra clutter. It wasn’t anything in depth – just a declutter of sorts.

How to Prepare for First Trimester So You Can Be a Blessing to Your Family!

I have to say, I felt a little crazy-over-the-top for taking on so much in just a couple of weeks, but I cannot tell you how much it blessed my family. Especially me. Like I said, this was the worst first trimester I’ve had yet. Knowing that I had taken care of my family as best I could before being laid up on the couch everyday made me feel at least a little better.

My boys (husband included) would have loved me regardless, but I’m grateful that I took time to be a blessing to them when Mommy was out of commission growing a brand new baby.

What about you? Have you ever thought about being intentional to prepare for first trimester of pregnancy? What sort of things did you make sure to do?

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  1. These are excellent suggestions! I can see where these would all be worthwhile things to do! And, these are also probably great things to do in third trimester, too, in preparation for newborn-hood! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The one thing I’d add is to look through your calendar and to-do list and see if there’s anything you can eliminate or delegate for the next few months!

    Unfortunately, for pregnancies #2 and #3, the nausea has set in BEFORE I have realized I was pregnant, so it hasn’t left much time for preparations. But that is mostly due to my not-quite-perfect calculations about when to take a pregnancy test (in other words, I probably would have gotten a positive several days earlier than I actually did!)