pregnancy a blessing or just something else to complain about

Pregnancy: A Blessing or Just Another Thing to Complain About?

pregnancy a blessing or just something else to complain about

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During the first trimester of my pregnancy with my oldest, I realized (along with the help of my husband) that all I was doing was complaining.

I complained about being so tired all the time.

I complained that I couldn’t get enough food to eat.

I complained that the laundry was never done.

The list of complaints went on and on.

During my first pregnancy, I read a pregnancy devotional, 40 Weeks: A Devotional Guide to Pregnancy by Jennifer Vanderlaan. It’s a great devotional book for first time moms.

Since my heart was convicted of my lack of contentment, gratitude, and just overall grumbling of heart, I was ready for change, and change came after reading these words:

What about the comments you make? When you speak to other women about your experience this far and your thoughts about the future, what do you say? Are you passing on courage or are you passing on fear?

Pregnancy is a gift from God.

As women, our bodies are fashioned perfectly for the job at hand. Is it hard work? Well, of course! Are we always going to have a great attitude about it? Nope!

When my heart turns to grumbling and complaining, it’s because I desire comfort and ease more than I desire to selflessly serve another, in this case my child. I desire for others to feel sorry for me. I want them to swoon over my discomforts. I want my husband to take over the dishes for the evening or for my son to stop asking for me to play with him. Of course, in the midst of doing it, I would never tell you that’s the case, but it’s true when I get down to the nitty gritty.

Pregnancy is hard work, and sometimes, it doesn’t feel like such a gift. But the Word tells us to “do all things without grumbling or questioning” (Philippians 2:14). All things does not exclude pregnancy.

So let me ask you:

Are you treating pregnancy as the blessing it is, or is pregnancy just another thing to complain about? <–Tweet That!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

As Christian women, we want to encourage other women in their pregnancy walk, not provoke fear with our complaints and horror stories. We want people to see pregnancy as the beauty and miracle that it is – God’s marvelous work and creation taking place within us.

Yes we can share our stories, even the bad ones, but we must do so with grace. In ourselves we are completely incapable of bearing the burden of pregnancy. But we have a God whose grace is all sufficient, even when we’re hung over the toilet and watching the laundry pile create it’s own area code.

So pregnant mommies, let’s consider our hearts today and take pregnancy as an opportunity to grease the wheels of one of the hardest lessons of this life – gratitude and joy.

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  1. Ooh, these words got me & my child is almost 2. We tried & prayed for 2.5 years before becoming pregnant. She is a true gift, yet I was nauseous for most of my 1st trimester. It wasn’t fun & I felt guilty for not enjoying the stage since she was a gift He answered our prayers with. After the half or full days of sickness lifted, I loved it.. Especially feeling her moving around. I then felt it was to bad my husband couldn’t experience what I was too!
    I joked I could write a book “Stupid things people say & do to pregnant women” too. One of which was how eager others were to share their horror stories as soon as they knew/saw I was pregnant. My doctor had to assure me that, no, a woman’s pelvic bone breaking in childbirth is NOT common, despite the 3 separate experiences random strangers shared with us. But now I realize saying I didn’t feel good for 3 months also scared those who hadn’t experienced pregnancy yet.
    We’re praying for another & your words will help me keep my words encouraging if He does bless us with another.

    1. Staci, my words got me too. The day of revelation brought a lot of tears because I wasn’t sure how to move forward without complaining! BUT once I start making the concerted effort to see pregnancy through God’s eyes (and the grace He provides) it was easier. Funny how that works. So it comes down to the grace of the Lord and the heart motivation of the way we share our struggles. Writing this post helped me to see areas where I could certainly improve this second round!

      By the way, praying for a second little miracle!

  2. LOVE this post! Yes pregnancy has some not fun aspects but it is a huge blessing! Having friends (and now myself) who have struggled to get pregnant or lost a baby I have been even more cautious with my words. But I must admit my thoughts and attitudes haven’t really changed. I still gripe to myself. And dare I say this concept can apply to motherhood in general? (I’m not growing a baby so just applying this to where I am in life). I always dreamed of being a SAHW/M and now I have that. And I complain all the time! Maybe not out loud because then others would see how ugly I am but there’s a constant monologue in my head and it’s more negative than positive.

    Thanks for this post!!!

    1. Leah, you made an association that I hoped would happen. I think this concept applies to all things in life to be honest. I think pregnancy (and motherhood) just give us plenty of opportunities to practice! 🙂

      Also a good point on the grumblings of our inner thoughts. We just need to take them to the Lord. Seeking His forgiveness, receiving His grace, and in His mercy pray for the Holy Spirit to change our hearts! It’s a battle worth fighting. We won’t be perfect. Only Jesus endured the greatest pain and discomfort without complaint!

  3. “Are you treating pregnancy as the blessing it is, or is pregnancy just another thing to complain about?” My childbirthing days are finished, but I can say that I’m guilty of both. At times I embraced the joyful blessing of pregnancy, at times I complained. I do see a trend of using pregnancy as an excuse for sin. There is danger in that. Choosing joy in my circumstances, including pregnancy, is how I tried to live.

    1. I think if we’re all honest we can say we’re guilty of both. I know I am. But I do agree, with the trend of using pregnancy as an excuse to sin. I could not have said that better myself. It makes me so sad because I don’t think many even realize what they’re doing. :-/ I think this why I had such a burden to write this post. It’s not that I don’t complain or grow weary. Far from it. But as a Christian community I don’t want us to fall into the pit of grumbling and complaining and excusing it away. As you said, there is danger in that. Thanks for your comment. You said so succinctly the thoughts in my head.

      1. Thank you, Leigh Ann. I’m enjoying so many pregnancy related posts around the web recently. It makes me a little meloncholy (I loved being pregnant!) and helps me know better how I can encourage and support young moms these days, including my 2nd daughter who is expecting her 1st this winter. Keep writing and sharing! It encourages many 🙂

  4. I am so humbled that you stopped by my blog to link up to WholeHearted Wednesdays. Silly me, I didn’t think when you had something so good going as your blogs (CMB and Intentional by Grace) that you linked with other linkups. This post blessed me sooo much because I have been so convicted of those comments I have made when no one helps with housework and I am tired. I began to realize how I really just wanted to do something “I” wanted to do. You put it so well. So, the thoughts you shared are good for any woman pregnant or not as even once those years are past we still have the same lessons cropping up time and again.
    I am so thankful to both you ladies for how much I am learning from you. You have top notch integrity in your ministry and you are taking the time to share it and encourage the rest of us to look at our blogs as an outreach for Christ too.

  5. Wow – way to speak (or write) the truth! This world has such a negative opinion on pregnancy and children. It’s our job to shine light on what a blessing from God babies are! They aren’t an inconvenience, though they definitely change your life. I’m a new mom and God definitely uses my son to shape my character ever day 🙂