Pore Over the Passage & Paraphrase {Intentional Conversation}

We are continuing our series: How to Have an Effective Bible Study. This series is based on the breakout session at True Woman 2012 by Priscilla Shirer called, The 5 P’s of Bible Study. You can listen to the entire message here (just scroll to the bottom and find the breakout sessions).

Today, we’re talking about the second “P” – Pore over the passage and paraphrase! Don’t forget to check out the free printable at the bottom to take with you.

{If you can’t see the video, then click here: Pore Over the Passage and Paraphrase}

Poring over the passage and paraphrasing is crucial to setting the foundation for receiving His truth! You can’t rush through this process. This is why we do bite-sized chunks! 

Need some help remembering all 5 P’s? We do too! Just click the picture below to open in a new window. Then, CLT + P (Command + P on a Mac) and the picture will print beautifully. Just stick it in your Bible or journal to have on hand. We’ll explain all 5 steps over the course of the next several weeks.

Come back next week for the third “P”: Pull out the Spiritual Principles

Tell us in the comments what is your favorite book of the Bible? Start there!

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  1. Love this! I especially like reading a passage in several different translations. It really helps me get a fuller understanding of what I’m reading. Thanks for sharing this with the Thrive @ Home Link-Up. I’m really enjoying this series!

  2. I didn’t know you girls had this site too!! I love it! I am currently doing a bible study with a group of girls in the bookof colossians…thank you for another study tool

  3. Leigh Ann, I don’t want to sound like a word Nazi, but you should use the spelling “pore over” instead of “pour over” to convey to true meaning of what you are encouraging you reader to do. It appears this post has been up for six years, but it is not too late to change!
    May God bless your ministry.

    1. *gasp* How has it been so long, and I never caught it. Well, shoot. Thanks for telling me! I sent an email to my email list today and told them I was still wandering in the dessert instead of the desert. *sigh* A good dose of humble pie today! 😛