Position Yourself to Hear from God {Intentional Conversation}

We’re starting a new series called: How to Have an Effective Bible Study. This series is based on the breakout session at True Woman 2012 by Priscilla Shire called, The 5 P’s of Bible Study. You can listen to the entire message here (just scroll to the bottom and find the breakout sessions).

Today, we’re talking about the first “P” – Position Yourself to Hear from God! Don’t forget to check out the free printable at the bottom to take with you.

{If you can’t see the video, then click here: Position Yourself to Hear from God}

Positioning yourself to hear form God is probably the most important step for having an effective quiet time. So find your physical position for having silence and solitude, and then believe that God can speak!

Need some help remembering all 5 P’s? We do too! Just click the picture below to open in a new window. Then, CLT + P (Command + P on a Mac) and the picture will print beautifully. Just stick it in your Bible or journal to have on hand. We’ll explain all 5 steps over the course of the next several weeks.

Come back next week for the second “Ps”: Pour over the passage and paraphrase the major points.

Tell us in the comments where you position yourself to hear from God! What does your quiet time area look like?

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  1. Love that quote by A.W. Tozer! Also, so glad that mentioned that quiet times don’t have to be in the morning. I think many moms of young children feel guilty about that…. I know I have struggled with it. Learning what works in the season you are in is so important. Thanks for this wonderful reminder. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

    1. So true, Jenni! I think it’s easy to put not only our time with the Lord in a box, but God in a box as well. It’s all about the heart, not the actual time in which we sit down with Him.

  2. I have struggled for YEARS about having quiet times in the morning. One pastor at a former church home of mine (the church has since divided into a mess) would lay on the guilt with “Don’t you want to give your BEST to God?” I stopped having quiet times altogether for years because I felt I just wasn’t doing it right anyway. Thankfully, the Lord opened my eyes to the Truth – He just wants me to meet with Him! Sure, it is wise to start the day in the Word, but it doesn’t always happen that way – especially with small children!

  3. Oh thank you so much for saying it doesn’t have to happen in the morning. I struggled for years with this. I listened to other Christian ladies that were able to get their time with God in the morning. (The ones with 6 kids, infant- age 6 (slight exaggeration there) and seeming like they had it all together, when I was a new Christian) I have learned since then not to measure myself by others. But that only caused me to give up my quiet times because I was not doing right. I have learned that God just wants me to be with Him and it doesn’t matter what time it is as long as I give Him some of my time. I love your blog and I love all that tips that you give us to help us in our walk. Have a blessed day.