Plan Your Obedience to God!

Welcome back to another week of Intentional Conversations! We’re in the middle of a series called How to Have an Effective Quiet Time. Today we talk about the fifth and final P in the 5 P’s of Bible Study that we learned from Priscilla Shirer at the True Woman Conference. Today we are talking about specific application: Plan your obedience!

{If you can’t see the video, click here: How to Have an Effective Quiet Time – Part 5}

Feel free to use the free printable below to take with you so you can remember the steps during your quiet time. Just click and print!

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      1. I am with you too, because I am sure that it is necessary for each person! And of course I’m proud of this step as you are)

  1. I started this week using this method of Bible study and I’ve come up with a question about this…

    Do you have obedience to plan every single day? I find it easy to find the principles but get bogged down thinking that I need to come up with something to nail down a deadline for. My church is going through Ecclesiastes and we are hearing a sermon on chapter 9 this Sunday. The principles are easy enough to find, but to determine a deadline for each thing starts to feel artificial. A lot of the principles can be tucked away for future reference, but I may or may not be facing a struggle that needs that specific reminder at the moment.

    Any thoughts?

  2. How often do you adjust your plan? For example, I made a plan yesterday, based on my current study of James 1:1-4, to daily thank God for the season I am currently in and the journey He has me walking. I vowed to also search for how He wants me to use it as an opportunity to bless others. I plan to do it for a month. But as I continue to study further, should I make a new goal in addition to this one? That could get a little overwhelming…..Just curious how you and others are handling it.

    Thank you both so much for a great plan and way to study God’s Word and grow in Him. I’m looking forward to seeing all He is going to do in my life with it!