Passionately Pursuing God Through His Word {Scripture Memory Challenge Week 9}

Committing to memorize scripture is hard. It can be so paralyzing at times, especially when you start to fall behind or come across a scripture that your brain simply cannot remember no matter how hard you try! However, it is in these moments that we must persevere.

It stands to reason that just when you’re about to master a habit, Satan convinces you that you will never succeed. So you give up right when you’re on the verge of a breakthrough.

It’s like with children. A toddler tantrum is a force to be reckoned with, literally. We talk to our children over and over about the Fruit of the Spirit and how God requires little boys (and girls) to obey their Mommy and Daddy until we are blue in the face. Right? But think about the last time you saw your child exhibit the fruit of self-control. Just when you think there is no hope and your discipline makes no difference, the fruit comes. Right when you’re ready to give up.

The same can be said for scripture memory, or any other habit or discipline. I want to remind you of the big picture, the big picture of why we are committed to taking part in a scripture memory challenge as a community.

That’s it. Growth in godliness.

So, friend, you may still be on week 2. That’s okay. Just keep downloading the printables each month. Keep using your Scripture Memory Worksheets, and keep pursuing the Lord with all the passion you can muster. He’s not keeping score. And neither are we.

Don’t forget to ask to join our Intentional By Grace community group on Facebook so you can be encouraged and held accountable to passionately pursuing God through His Word. Our community group is a place where we can talk about each week’s scripture, share prayer requests, and just enjoy fellowship with one another. We’ve also started our True Woman 101 Bible Study! We would love for you  to join us! And if you haven’t subscribed to Intentional By Grace via email or RSS, then please do so; we have our August Scripture Memory printable ready for you to download when you do!

Why do you think Satan attacks right when we’re about to master a discipline?

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