One Simple Way to Read the Bible More Than You Are Right Now

Nothing brings more comfort to me than reading God’s Word with an expectant heart.

No matter how long I have to devote to my reading, God always speaks into my heart as I read the pages of His Word.

But as a mom of three young children, spending more time in the Word can be hard.

One Simple Way to Read the Bible More Than You Are Right Now

I imagine this is true for any of us. We all have life moving at warp speed around us. Even if we’re trying to live intentionally, we still get carried along on the waves of life with more turbulence than we would probably prefer.

We get distracted.

We get overwhelmed.

We get weary.

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We get all these things just going through the daily grind of life, and it is such a gift that we have God’s Word to meet us where we are, speaking life into us, and guiding us through with a steady, unchanging, always true Word.

A few weeks ago, I came across Laura Booz’s website. I read this article, and then I found myself lost in her site and watching videos on her Facebook page for days.

I left the tab open on my computer and just kept coming back to soak in more and more of her wisdom and gentle encouragement.

In her article on the first 7 years of a child’s life, she said this:

“While your child is young, invest in your own growth as a mother. Don’t let obligations for play groups, story times, co-opts, arts and crafts, car pools, and toy organization distract or exhaust you from the important task of becoming a strong mother. The plan is that mama + baby grow up beautifully and naturally, side by side.”

It struck me that the time to invest in my own walk with the Lord is now.

In this weary, exhausting season of motherhood when I can barely get time to take a shower, the time is now for me to make a deep investment into my own walk with the Lord.

The time is now for me to build strong spiritual muscles through my intake of and devotion to God’s Word.

I think this advice goes against a lot of what we “young” women find on the internet these days.

We hear the messages like: “take a break”, “give yourself grace”, “find time for you”, and countless other things that don’t sound all that bad on the surface, but in the end leads us to more emptiness and more weariness and more defeat.

In a lot of ways, we’ve cheapened God’s grace and discounted His sacrifice when we listen and give heed to these messages that have no biblical foundation.

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Here is the message we need to hear more:

“Your life is not your own; learn what it means to walk daily with the Lord.”

Our lives are not our own.

Oh, how I wish this would sink in for me. Just when I think I’m laying it all down, living sacrificially and for His glory, I find myself throwing a tantrum that rivals that of a willful three year old.

I close my little fists over my plans, plant my little feet, and contort my face into a stubborn glare and say, “I will not lay down my life, God. I will do it myself. This is what I want.”

One simple way to read your Bible more than you are right now.

It’s terribly frustrating. To see the absurdity of it all when you’ve taken time to step back, cry a good cry, and come back to the throne of grace desperate for His help.

Because really? I don’t want to do this life stuff on my own. I want His help. I don’t want to do it my way. I want to do it His way. I don’t want to do anything except live for Him.

God commissions Joshua after the death of Moses with these words:

“This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” ~Joshua 1:8

Now is the time that I build strong spiritual muscles.

Now is the time that I shall meditate on God’s Word day and night.

Now is the time that I intentionally lay down my life every single day and learn that my life is not my own.

One simple way to read your Bible more than you are right now.

How do I do that?

Among other things, one way I have found is to be in God’s Word more, and I’ve done this by taking Laura Booz’s advice.

I keep a small hand held Bible next to my nursing chair in my daughter’s room.

I’ve chosen to turn these quiet moments of stillness into a time of fellowship with my Father.

I simply sit and listen to Him.

One Simple Way to Read the Bible More Than You Are Right Now

I don’t have any fancy Bible study tools right now.

I don’t read with a pen in hand and journal by my side.

I come to His Word to simply listen, to meditate, and to fellowship with Him.

I am reading through the Psalms and using what I learned from Donald Whitney’s book, Praying the Bible, to turn this time into a time of prayer and worship.

Spending my time reading my Bible while sitting and nursing my babe has been one simple way I have found more joy in motherhood and in the weariness of the days.

Reading the Psalms sets my heart to worship. It brings me back to my need for grace and reminds me of where my help comes from.

I think what’s so beautiful about this time is that it’s about simply being with Him. It’s about sitting at His feet and listening to Him.

It pushes the pause button on everything swirling around me, and it allows me to choose the better portion for just a moment.

Instead of scrolling Facebook on my phone, making a to-do list in my head, recounting all the ways I’ve already failed today as a mother, this time of sitting with my baby is likened to Moses’ time on the mountain.

I come away with my shoulders held a little straighter, my face shining a little brighter, and my heart settled into the arms of my Father so that I can do the work set before me.

Because my life is not my own and I want to live for Him.

One simple way to read your Bible more than you are right now.

So, what about you?

Are you nursing a baby? Then, perhaps take a small Bible into the space where you nurse.

Are you sitting in a carpool line? Then, perhaps keep a small Bible in the console of your car.

Waiting for your coffee to brew or water to boil? Where in your day can you place an open Bible?

Can you lift the barriers of needing all your Bible study tools nearby so you can “study” God’s word and simply find a space in your day to just be with Him?

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Take some time to day to simply observe your day-to-day life.

I’m betting there is somewhere in your day where you can place an open Bible and sit with Jesus for just a few minutes at a time.

I don’t suggest using a Bible app on your phone. It’s too tempting to click away, but if it works for you and you have more self-control than me great. By all means, use your Bible app.

But maybe just a small Bible will do better.

Maybe you need to replace the mindless Facebook or Instagram scroll with simply sitting still for a moment with your Father.

Because your life is not your own, and I know you want to live for Him.

What about you? What ways have you found to spend more time in God’s Word throughout the day? How do you stay tethered to the vine in difficult seasons? Share in the comments!

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  1. Some mornings, usually after times of neglecting sufficient Bible time (which can be often), I will wake feeling clogged and sluggish in my spirit (think molasses as opposed to water…). On those days I know I’m going to need what I call “Emergency Bible Treatment” throughout the day in the form of playing my audio KJV Bible readings for hours off and on as I go through my day with my seven little ones.
    I love the idea of keeping a small Bible out for regular and frequent spiritual maintenance so that it doesn’t get to those emergency levels as often. I was doing that for awhile and then got off doing it, thanks for the reminder. I know that even with the busy-ness of homeschooling and everything else that I can find ‘several’ moments in my day to pick up the Bible and even incorporate it more in my interactions with the kids–it’s just a matter of me developing those habits. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. These are great ideas! I have two to add: a Bible next to the toilet (because sometimes we moms escape there for 0.5 seconds of peace!). Also, I downloaded an audio Bible from audible and sometimes we listen to it in the car while running errands, or through a Bluetooth speaker while playing/ coloring with the kids.

  3. My nest is empty now but I remember these days. As soon as my then littles were able to come to me in the morning, I taught them about time with Jesus. I spent many a morning with a wee one curled up on a blanket on the floor next to my chair or curled up in my lap while I read and prayed. It wasn’t always the most comfortable or easy thing, but it was precious! And once they were a tad bit older (Preschool) I created their own quiet time basket. It evolved over the years as they grew. Bible themed coloring sheets, Bible story picture books and later easy readers, Bible story tapes and then CDs (dating myself). They were allowed to play quietly until I was done. It is important to know if you do this it won’t always work. Be prepared to roll with it! A friend of mine has 5 children. When they were at home and she was in the throws of endless laundry and chaos, she used folding clothes as prayer time. She would pull out a piece of clothing and pray for the owner and often the item prompted the prayer. So Rachael’s dress brought a prayer for Rachael to always value her body and dress modestly. Caleb’s socks brought a prayer for his feet to take the right path not to stray. It was such a great idea! Let me add one final thing… an empty nest doesn’t bring endless prayer and Bible time. I thought it would… and maybe one day it will… but it is amazing what slides in to fill up that “free” time you think you will have. So even us “old gals” have to be creative at times with finding time for the Lord!

    1. I love this so much. Thank you for sharing!! My heart is bursting with love reading this. I am going to store these ideas in my thoughts and see which I can implement. I especially love the quiet time baskets and the laundry prayers. Thank you!

  4. I use my lunch time to read the Bible. I use an app on my phone, but I don’t let myself check social media, emails, or anything else until AFTER I’ve read a chapter and a devotional. (It helps that most social media is blocked at work)

    My other trick is to keep a Bible in the bathroom. I know it’s odd, but often it’s one of the few places I get a couple minutes of quiet time 🙂

    1. I used my lunch time for reading a lot. That’s such a great time to snag some needed moments with the Lord. I loved that it was in the middle of my day. And yes, the bathroom. I typed that suggestion several times and then deleted it from the post… haha! But it’s the perfect place to keep a small Bible for moments of reading throughout the day. 🙂

  5. This article is so timely. I have been on pregnancy bed rest for 8 weeks due to a large subchorionic hematoma near my baby’s gestational sac. Since I am not allowed to do housework at this point, it has been easy to choose distraction over reflection and growth. Recently the Lord has opened my eyes to the parts of my inner homemaker that need some work. I have been working on my spiritual walk as well but not nearly with the intensity and intentionality you described here. I have especially lost focus over the past few weeks as I have been preparing to launch my blog. Thanks for the reminder and the challenge!

    1. I get distracted too which is why I wanted to write this post. It holds me accountable to finding these moments as well. Bed rest is hard. Saying a prayer for you now!

  6. I’m glad you are writing on your blog still – thank you for this challenge! Listening to the Bible be read audibly from my phone app and choosing sermons podcasts to listen to while I fold laundry has helped me get through that chore that I really don’t enjoy. It’s so refreshing to feed my soul that way while I work!

  7. I am on the other side of the spectrum. My children are grown. But seeing it from the other side, I can attest that this is wonderful advice. And it is so neat that you mention Donald Whitney’s book on Praying the Bible. I have just been listening to his sermons on this on Youtube. They have changed my prayer life completely!
    Thank you for going against the grain and standing up for what young parents really need to hear!

  8. I like to go to bed at 9, even though I won’t fall asleep until 10. I’ve found that those quiet moments before bed are perfect for scripture reading. But I do love the idea of a Bible by the baby bed. I’ll remember that for whenever I have kids.

  9. What a great idea to have an open Bible in the kitchen to read and pray while waiting for coffee/water to boil/tea etc. and in the baby’s room! I will put those ideas into action. I also love the suggestion to read/pray when folding laundry. Yes, I want to become a strong mother, always abiding in His Word, always connected to the wine!! What I also do: You Version Bible App offers to send The Bible verse of the day. So when I wake up I start the day with this. Mostly I want to read the verses before and after that one as well, meditate on it, pray and then get up.

  10. This is so very true! I thought I would have more time when my children were grown but between doctorate classes and trying to help my college bound kids with their start in life, I have found that I am still just as busy and maybe more so. I spend my time in prayer and reading of the Word just before I go to bed. I make sure that I have everything else done so I have no distractions. It is sometimes difficult to put down my day before I do this so I do yoga and meditation just before to clear my mind and help me focus on the Lord. Thanks for this post!

  11. Facebook is a dreadful distraction, and in my life anyway, you’re right Leigh Ann- paper is best. I am going to take my travel Bible and put it into the car, place another in my bathroom and my Bible in a year in the kitchen. If I were to read my Bible in a Year every time I’m waiting for something to cook instead of FB- I’d probably finish it in 6 months!
    A great post and I’m so pleased you’re blogging again.

  12. I love this reminder. It’s so easy to waste our ‘waiting’ times. We think ‘Oh, I only have 5 minutes, that’s not enough time for God, so I’ll just_____!” When really, most of us would gladly choose 5 minutes with a friend over not getting to spend any time with them.

  13. I drive my daughter to and from school every morning 45 minutes away. That’s 3 hours of driving time each weekday during the school year. It work out to 1 1/2 each day in the car alone with my daughter – awesome time to talk!; and 1 1/2 hours a day ALONE in the car. I spend my alone-in-the-car time listening to the audio Bible, good Christian audiobooks, and in prayer. It’s great!