My Stay at Home Mom Routine (Pregnant with a 2 year old and a 3 year old)

In my world, no two days look a like. I have my “ideal schedule” but can safely say we have never completed it. With a 3 year old and an almost 2 year old in tow, this pregnant mama is just enjoying each moment and making the most of this busy routine.

Today (the day I am sharing with you) was one of our special “get out of the house” days. We live in the country and we go into town (only 20 miles away) 2-3 times per week. Once for church, once for errands and once for a library or park day with their Nonnie. Just for reference, this is who keeps me busy all day. Don’t they look so innocent?


We typically wake up at 8am. I used to wake up at 6:15 or 6:30 so I could have my quiet time (until 7am) and then work for an hour (until 8am). Due to battling the first trimester (I am finally entering my 2nd!) I have shown myself grace and relaxed my schedule. I now sleep in until my littles wake me with their sweet singing voices around 8am. This morning was especially special (I am NOT a morning person…at ALL) because, as you will see, our events were pushed back a bit!

8:40am – The girls have slept in. This makes me so happy. However, we are supposed to leave around 9am to head into town to pick up Nonnie. So, no breakfast around the table this morning, we will hurry and get dressed and eat breakfast on the go! My 3 year old goes potty, and then I get each of them dressed for our day. We do hair and then head into my room. They each get some toys from the learning room (our homeschool room) and bring them into my bathroom where they get to play while I get dressed.

9:20am – We are downstairs, the girls have their shoes and coats on. I get the car warming up, get their breakfast loaded into the car (Homemade Lara bars, sliced apples and Kombucha) and they are soon to follow. They climb into the van and play with their books and toys while I run back inside because I forgot to feed the dog (ahem, and let him out…poor puppy). I head back to the car and then back inside about 4-5 times. Once to get my purse, once to get my Mineral tea, once to get our coats (oy), once to let the dog back inside and then one last time because I forgot to lock the door. This is what always happens. I am actually really organized with my departure but for some reason when it comes down to it, I forget everything at the last minute! {Leigh Ann must interject and say, oh this is a hilarious sight to see! I’ve witnessed it. She’s not exaggerating. And she’ll never let me check a post after she’s gone to bed again…;) }

9:40am – We are officially on our way to Nonnie’s house to pick her up.

10:05am – We pull into her driveway and Nonnie has surprised me with (1) a homemade latte and (2) a brand new Nissan thermos to drink it out of! Happy early Merry Christmas to me! She gets in and we head to the library. The girls have to play on the polar bears outside before we head in:



10:30am – Our library time begins. My 3 year old is just like any other…she wants to run hot laps around the children’s area and touch everything she sees. My 2 year old squeals at every fun book – I remind them both to “hush hush hush!” They settle in at the….train table. Yes, at the library, they play with the train table. We have one at home but this is more fun! I gather lots and lots of books for our read aloud time at home while the girls play with their Nonnie and read perfectly chosen board books. By 11:30 we are hungry!

11:30am – We walk down the street to Chipotle. We are hungry and I know they have dairy free options for my 2 year old. We dine and have a lovely lunch. Then it starts raining right as we get the girls wiped off. So I run all the way back past the library to my car. It is freezing. I then drive back to the restaurant to pick everyone up. We then dry off and enjoy the ride home (in the rain). We go to drop off Nonnie and decide to stay for a bit because the girls want to play with her toys, and we would enjoy some grown up chat time! So after eating and driving and chatting and then cleaning up the tornado that the girls created at Nonnie’s house, we head home so my littles can take their nap. Note: My 3 year old is starting to give up her daily naps.

2:00pm – We make it home and I get my 2 year old to sleep (she actually fell asleep on the way home but I had to wake her up to change her diaper and take off her rain gear!) My 3 year old asks if she can hang out with me instead of taking a nap because she simply isn’t tired. I give in and let her stay up with me. As it turns out she was a total delight, and I think she really is ready to cut back on her naps (makes nighttime easier, well, we will see!).

My 3 year old sits next to me and colors while I grab a few minutes on the computer. I do some social media and try to run through some emails (I am buried in emails!). I limit my time to about 10 minutes. We hop off the couch and she helps me unload the car (library books, diaper bag, drinks, snacks, etc.). We then “snuggle on the couch and chat” (per her request, literally).

3:30pm – Daddy comes home! This is usually when I would slip away to put some finishing touches on cleaning up the kitchen or straightening up toys. However, since we were gone most of the day, I just pull out dinner (we are having Chicken Stew with Dumplings). Let me clarify, I pull out the Turkey stock and it is frozen. So I put two quart jars into a pan with water and heat them up slowly over the period of an hour and a half.

We realize Karli (2 year old) is still sleeping (4:30) and we don’t want her to sleep too long, she has been taking a long time to fall asleep lately. So I wake her up.

Big mistake.

Our family spends the next 30 minutes catering to her. Looks like she got the “grumpy when someone wakes me up” gene from her mama. But that is really not part of this post. *Cough*

Karli wants to read a book – one of the new library books. So we sat down as a family and the four of us read the book twice. It was fun!

20121217-210740.jpg5:00pm – Reading time is over. The girls get some good quality Daddy time while I start dinner. I pull cooked chicken off the bone, chop veggies and throw my stew together. Oh, forgot to share that I discovered one of the jars broke while heating. Good thing I only needed a quart of stock for my stew! I clean the kitchen while my stew simmers for a while. I then hop on Facebook to chat with Leigh Ann – we *try* to touch base as often as possible. We both happened to be online at the same time. What fun! So more cooking, more cleaning and then I make the dumplings for the soup, get the table set and call in the crew for dinner.

6:15pm – Dinner!20121217-210713.jpg

7:00pm – Post dinner wrestle with Daddy (this is a MUST every night. He never misses this date with his girls!). I do my final clean up of kitchen and get the dinner table cleaned off. Turn off the light, kitchen is closed. I join the family room crazy party and we get our giggles out until shower time.

7:30pm – I get my 3 year old and we take a shower. She has to go to the doctor tomorrow (an 8:30am appointment. We leave at 7:30am. Note my normal routine and wake up time – *gasp*). So we kill two birds with one stone because I am not waking up any earlier than I have to in the morning! I get out of the shower to find that Daddy has gotten the 2 year old all ready for bed and is brushing both girls teeth.

8:00pm – Girls are down! Love spending time with them all day but happy to have some adult time! I make some Red Raspberry Leaf tea and sit down to write…this post! It takes longer than expected because my husband keeps chatting. I am happy to catch up with him so I don’t mind. Now I think he is Christmas shopping for me online!

9:00pm – Finish my “work time”, Anthony and I decide to watch a show (we are really into White Collar on Netflix!). I enjoy my tea and an orange (to me, fruit is the tastiest dessert ever!).

10:00pm – I get a few odds and ends together for my “early” departure tomorrow morning. I finalize my grocery list so I can go shopping on the way home from the Doctor (this is my last chance to get everything I need for Christmas Eve (Karli’s 2nd birthday party) and Christmas day dinner so I double and triple check). I also jot down a few other to dos such as laundry. I do one load a day and today I didn’t do any so I need to do two tomorrow to catch up {I (LA) had no idea, but I do the same thing! It’s a total laundry life saver.}!

10:30pm – Bedtime!

{General schedule update – My day usually consists of a “Learning Time” for the girls. We sit down and do a craft or work on our alphabet. On days when we meet with our co-op or we go to the library, we don’t do that time. They are still tiny and don’t need lots of official “learning time.”}

This was just one day of our lives! As I mentioned before, each day is new and exciting for us! And this is the season I am in. There are several other moms who took part in the series and they are all sharing about their stay at home mom lives on their sites. Hop over and check them out! (Psst…Leigh Ann shares about hers over at Christian Mommy Blogger today!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am trying to learn from some moms about the ins and outs of mommy life so this was great! No kids here yet, but looking forward to that season sometime in the near future!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day, Nikki! I know too well that the sweet innocent darlings can often be a handful. Wouldn’t trade it for anything though!