preparing for a home birth - my home birth kit

Preparing for a Home Birth {My Home Birth Kit}

preparing for a home birth - my home birth kit

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Preparing for a home birth requires some basic supplies to be on hand. Of course my midwife will have all the medical supplies, emergency provisions, and a few other comfort items like a birthing stool, but I am required to make sure I have several items sterilized and ready when it comes time to bring our baby into the world.

Below is a combination of the supply list my midwife supplied me with along with several other things I would like to have on hand.

Please remember I am not a certified midwife or any other medical professional. I’m just a mom looking to share her experience. 

My Home Birth Kit

Digital Thermometer

1 box of cotton swabs

1 bag of cotton balls

1 package of Under pads

1 Box of Overnight Menstrual pads

1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide

Garbage bags

Pain Reliever – Herbal & Midol (yes, I won’t be all natural)

1 peribottle

2 spray bottles

4 towels

6 washcloths

2 hand towels

2 flat sheets

baby hats

Paper towels

Toilet paper

Facial tissue

Receiving blankets

Coconut oil – for massage and nipple care

Almond oil – for massage

Lip balm

Witch Hazel Pads

Sitz bath herbs (I might try this recipe)

Fresh ginger root (knife and grater ready)


Electrolytes (coconut water or this Labor-Aid looks good)

Orange Juice (in case of low blood sugar)

Herbal tea (especially Red Raspberry Leaf)

Energy snacks

Calcium Magnesium

Doesn’t really seem all that impressive, but I have looked at this list so many times my eyes are going cross. I have everything I need that was requested by my midwife and a few more things to add to my home from my “comfort list” before labor begins. As precaution, I plan to pack a hospital bag just in case we have to transfer for any reason. I don’t want anyone to have to think of anything in those moments!

And with that, we’re almost 37 weeks! I cannot wait to meet our new little family member!

What items would you add to this list?

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  1. One thing I always suggest to people is putting something down on your mattress just in case your water breaks in your bed. (Obviously, if you’re having a home birth that is more likely. :-)) I didn’t even think of it. But with my first my water broke all over my bed (and then the labor was so fast we ended up having a home birth) and so our mattress got pretty dirty. 🙂

    1. My water (twice now) doesn’t break until right before delivery. BUT def a good idea! We put a shower curtain under our sheets just in case I wanted to be on the bed for pushing as well as to help with after delivery. I will tell the whole story later but shower curtains are a big help and lots of underpads!