My goals for 2018!

My Goals for 2018

Have you set goals for the new year? I’m sharing my goals for 2018 with you today because I need accountability!

My goals for 2018!

I told you yesterday that my word of the year is PRESS! I set my goals with this focus in mind.

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When I shared my 4 goal setting tips, I realized that I hadn’t put any accountability in place yet for my own goals.

Therefore, today I want to share my goals for 2018 with you because I need help sticking to them this year.

Plus you might like to see what you can expect this year from Intentional By Grace. 

My goals for 2018!


1. Read through the entire Bible in a year. I plan to complete the 5-Day Bible Reading Plan from Bible Class Material.

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2. Do 4 in-depth Bible Studies. I plan to study:

3. Read 104 books. I plan to complete 2 reading challenges as part of this goal.

4. Make fitness a priority.

  • Run 100 miles
  • Bike 50 miles
  • Lift 95 lbs
  • Be able to do 5 pull-ups
  • Complete T-25 one time

5. Back-up pictures once a month, and have them printed for yearly album.

6. Send one care package a month with handwritten note.


7. Enjoy 1 date night out a month.

8. Go on 3 overnight getaways with Mark.


9. Read-aloud 20 chapter books to the children.

10. Take 1 family road trip.

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11. Go camping 3 times.

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12. Host 100 people in our home. To help us meet this goal, we’ll be launching Friday Night Meatballs – Virginia Edition in Q1 sometime.


13. Put living will and medical DPA in place.

14. Fully replenish our emergency fund.


15. Write two Bible studies.

  • Colossians
  • Philemon

16. Provide a reading guide for the book of Psalms.

17. Release one free resource on growing in spiritual maturity.

There are a few more business goals, but I’ll keep those in my hip pocket for a bit. 😉

As I look at these goals, I get really excited.

I’m excited because these goals will truly push me to press into every are of my life this year.

I’ve been praying, “Here I am, Lord, send me,” for several years. I hope that by pressing toward these goals others will come to know Him and that He would be glorified in all I do.

What about you? What are your goals for 2018? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

My goals for 2018!

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  1. I am encouraged by your goals for 2018. Although they are more than I dare to commit to, they are somewhat similar to mine. Your word for the year seems perfect as well. In a world that is so busy everyone is trying to slow down. It is my goal to instead focus on the really important – faith, family and friends, and to let the rest sit on the sidelines for 2018. I’m glad to see someone else feels the need to press with purpose toward that which is most valuable. Thank you for sharing.