My Final Weeks Before Delivery {Nikki’s Game Plan}

Well, the time is here where all of my planning to plan is in the past. I must actually really plan what I will have in place for my little man’s arrival in what appears to be just over 4 weeks.

I had planned on filling my freezer with meals, having all clothes sorted and cleaned (for baby), and I wanted to organize every single square inch of my house so it was orderly when we added a new little member to our family. Things won’t get easier and more relaxed once he is here, so I want to make my life easier, if possible, by front loading.

Here is the problem. I am 35 weeks pregnant. With that comes exhaustion, a gigantic huge belly, the inability to breathe well, the inability to walk up stairs without feeling like you have run a marathon, or to be too long on my feet without wanting to, well, cry?

My pregnancy is happy and healthy, but I am still pregnant! This means my body can’t work like a work horse now just to make my life easier later. How do Iย prioritizeย so I can have an easier time once little boy arrives? I decide what is most important and also what is easiest to accomplish while pregnant. Then (and only then) I can add to my list if I have extra time and energy!

I must consider also that he could arrive early. I gave birth to my second daughter 2 weeks early and it could of course happen again. So I have decided to give myself a 3 week plan of attack. Then I can spend the last week or two (or none?) more relaxed and just working on finishing touches!

What is most important to me in my final weeks before delivery?

1. His newborn/0-3 clothes must be cleaned and folded so any grownup is able to easily access them and use them right away.
2. His pack n’ play and co-sleeper need to be out, dusted off, and ready to use. Including sheets and fresh blankets.
3. Car seat washed and assembled (it is downstairs in our construction zone!) and then the base installed (that is my husband’s job!)
4. Nursing supplies out: breast pump, lanolin, nursing pads. So if I have a rough recovery, others can get this stuff for me easily.
5. Hospital bag packed (Don’t worry, I will have a whole post about this).

What is easiest to accomplish in my final weeks before delivery?

Item #1 is easy. I mean, it isn’t hard to do laundry. I will wash the car seat padding (#3) at the same time to make one regular sized load. I am going to task my dear Anthony with #2 and #3 (after I have put the car seat back together!). Items for #4 will likely end up in my hospital bag and then #5 well, that is fun for me. So that is easy.

Wow, when I look at it, I really don’t have too hard of a time ahead of me! I would like to get some other things done. But what I listed above is what is most important. The rest is bonus and will just make me look like an uber-planner (cough).

Other tasks to accomplish in my final weeks before delivery:

1. Bulk freezer cooking. On crock pot days, I can cook my future meals. I will share about this in an upcoming post too!
2. Packing my kids overnight bags. They are going to spend a few nights at their Nonnie and Poppy’s house while we are at the hospital. They have enough clothes that I can go ahead and pack them each a little bag. I can put each of these by my hospital bag and we can just grab them all on the way out the door.
3. Special allergy meals for Karli. I am blessed to attend a church where they will provide us with meals after we have the baby. This is so awesome! Karli however cannot have dairy or eggs. I would like to make several (at least 10!) individual meals for her so healing mama or less-work-in-the-kitchen-is-better daddy can just defrost and heat up with the meal that was provided for us. All of the meals I prepare (#1) will be allergen free so we don’t have to tap into our resource of Karli meals unless we are eating a meal that was given to us. The only reason this isn’t on my top list is because I can throw together meals for her last minute. We’re used to it. This step would just make our lives much easier!
4. Finish organizing and cleaning out “hot zones” in our house. This is just part of nesting. I have been working through my house and throwing away/packing up for Goodwill all of the things that just need to go. This is NOT mandatory and I won’t be doing this if I am too tired, but if I have any extra energy, I would like to simplify before adding more (aka, a new baby).
5. Take naps! I know you can’t store up sleep, but I will be trying to nap or get my feet up more to make sure my body isn’t exhausted, if possible! Taking care of myself, eating well, and resting is a must – even with an ever-growing to-do list!

What is on your list to accomplish before your little one arrives??

This current post is my game plan. Coming soon, I will share with you:

What I am bulk freezer cooking (and preparing in the kitchen),
Freezer-friendly allergy meals for my little girl,
and Packing my hospital bag!

Make sure to come back to see all I have going on in the next few weeks!

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  1. Way to go! I am 38 weeks on Saturday, but baby number one was 12 days late so we’ll see what this one decides to do. We decluttered/organized most of the house a month ago so now I’m trying to stay on top of cleaning and laundry as best I can. Getting the car seat base installed is on our to-do list for this weekend. One of these days I’ll need to pack a hospital bag, or at least make a list so I don’t forget anything. Been working on freezing snacky type stuff for our 2 year old, Kenna. I wanted to get some meals frozen too, but we’ll see if I get my act together. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sounds like you already have your act together if you are already cleaned and organized!! You’re two weeks ahead of me so I pray you have your baby first ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. just found out I’m pregnant with number two so I’m living these pregnancy posts to get me ready and thinking about the future! Praying that you get everything done that you need to!

  3. Congrats!!!! So exciting!!! The biggest things for me was ensuring our bags were packed – one for me, one for hubby, and one for Stinker. I actually bought extra toiletries so I could have the bag completely packed. Stinker came 3 weeks early and hubby had to scramble to pack because it was only half done. The meals I froze I didn’t really like ๐Ÿ™ but my mil made and froze some awesome mini meat loaves. Yum. Freezing pancakes and waffles was a big lifesaver for breakfast too. ๐Ÿ™‚ praying all goes well for you!!

    1. Thanks for the reminder: must include stuff for my husband. I remembered this for the first pregnancy, but he was deployed for the last so I didn’t need to think about it. Yay he is here this time!

      1. Oh man! I can’t imagine having a baby while my husband is deployed. We had an R&R baby and a flight school baby… but he was there for both births. So glad yours is home for this one!!! YAY!

  4. I am almost 37 weeks with #3, and it seems that I have forgotten everything. You are a Godsend!. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh yay! You are close Mama!! Best of luck…and I hope the series is published in time to keep giving you tips!! Next up is my freezer cooking plan!

  5. I just want to say thank you! I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my fourth… you’d think I’d already have this down. BUT having a list and seeing what others are putting on theirs is a HUGE help! I will be coming back to to this over and over again.