Checkout this list of over 52 books for Christian women! Including a 2019 Reading Challenge for Christian women!

My Reading List for 2019 Intentional By Grace Reading Challenge || Level 1

The 2019 Intentional By Grace Reading Challenge is here! Today I’m sharing the books that I’m (most likely) going to be reading as I work my through Level 1 of the Reading Challenge.

Checkout this list of over 52 books for Christian women! Including a 2019 Reading Challenge for Christian women!

To complete Level 1 of the 2019 Intentional By Grace Reading Challenge, I need to read a total of 13 books.

These 13 books need to fit the following categories:

  • A biography
  • A book about Christian living
  • A book about diversity
  • A book about womanhood
  • A book you’ve been meaning to read
  • A Christian classic
  • A book of the New Testament
  • A fiction book just for fun
  • A book about communication
  • A book about holiness
  • A book by an author you’ve read before
  • A book from the “Best of 2018” list
  • A book of your choice

Below I’m sharing the books I might choose for each category for Level 1.

I’ve listed 2-3 options for each of the categories. I probably won’t read all of these books, but this will give me a list to work from (and maybe help inspire your list as well).

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Now onto my Level 1 reading list. I’d love to hear what you’re reading this year in the comments!

Checkout this list of over 52 books for Christian women! Including a 2019 Reading Challenge for Christian women!

A Biography


  • Christian Heroes, Then and Now set, by Janet Benge & Geoff Benge – I really enjoy this series of books. They are great for reading aloud with the kids, but I get just as much from them. We have several in this series sitting on our homeschool shelf as well as some on Christian Audio I can choose from.

  • Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God, by David McCasland – My husband listened to this one last year, and he recommended I add it to my list. He doesn’t make book suggestions often so when he does, I listen.

A Book about Christian Living

  • The Insanity of God, by Nik Ripken  – This is another Kindle deal that I got last year, and it’s been on my list for a while. I have others in this series as well. With a foreword by David Platt, it’s sure to be a good book.

  • Celebration of Discipline, by Richard Foster – This is another one of those books I’ve had on my list for a while. I’ve been hearing about this book from every angle recently, so my curiosity is sufficiently peaked.

A Book about Diversity

  • Gay Girl, Good God, by Jackie Hill Perry – I go this on Christian Audio when they ran a sale, so I will be listening to this one rather than reading it. Since gay rights is such a largely debated topic in our culture, I think this would be a good one to read for some perspective.

  • Woke Church, by Eric Mason – I heard Eric Mason speak at a True Woman event, and his one key note talk has continued to transform the way I live my life. I look forward to reading his exhortation to the church to think biblically about the topic of racism.

A Book about Womanhood

  • Kingdom Woman, by Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst – This is another one I have on Christian Audio. I’ve been listening to it off and on for several weeks now. I probably would have devoured it had I been reading it, but I actually don’t listen to books very quickly. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve listened to so far though and plan to finish this one this year.

  • Jesus, Justice, and Gender Roles, by Kathy Keller – I grabbed this book when it was on a Kindle deal at the end of last year. I didn’t realize that Kathy Keller was Tim Keller’s wife. I don’t know if I will agree with this book, but this does cover a topic on womanhood that I want to learn more about.

  • Adorned, by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth – I’ve learned a lot from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth throughout the years. I look forward to reading this one this year.

A Book You’ve Been Meaning to Read

  • Lovability, by Brian de Haaf – My husband asked me to read this book in order to help understand him better.

A Christian Classic

  • Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton – This comes highly recommended. This is another Kindle deal snag, but it was also on my list of books to read “someday.”

A Book of the New Testament

  • Matthew

If you are wondering what order to read the Bible, check out this post. Or this post for how to read the Bible more.

A Fiction Book Just for Fun

  • The Masterpiece, by Francine Rivers – I’ve loved every book I’ve ever read of Francine Rivers, so I expect this book will be no less.

  • Risen, by Angela Hunt – This sounds fascinating.

  • The Saturday Night Summer Club, by Carla Laureano – I wish I could remember where I heard about this book. It’s set in Denver, Colorado which holds a lot of great memories for our family. I love a good foodie book.

A Book about Communication

I had a really hard time coming up with ideas for this category (and the holiness category), so I asked our private Facebook community for input. This group is worth signing up for the challenge in and of itself! 🙂

  • For Better or for Kids, by Patrick & Ruth Schwenk – This looks really good. Communication in marriage is so important especially after kids!

  • The Power of Words by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth – I like the idea of this being devotional style.

A Book about Holiness

  • The Hole in Your Holiness, by Kevin DeYoung – His books are always so accessible. This will most likely be my read for this category seeing as I don’t have any other ideas for this category. If you have some suggestions for this category, let me have them in the comments!

A Book by An Author You’ve Read Before

  • Book Girl, by Sarah Clarkson – I have read just about all of Sarah Clarkson’s books and thoroughly loved them. She’s a bosom friend no doubt. I can’t wait to dive into this book.

A Book from the “Best of 2018” List

Since I’m the one who made the best of 2018 reading list, I’m going to actually choose a book from someone else’s best of 2018 reading list.

A Book of Your Choice

  • Book Thief, by Markus Zusak – I love children’s and teen’s lit. As someone who loves to be able to recommend books to kids and young adults, I try to keep a heavy run of books in these sort of books in my reading diet. I’ve already started this one, and it’s been hard to stay away from binge reading it.

What about you? What are you reading right now? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. I just got through reading Charles Stanley’s “We Shall Be Like Him” and am now reading Max Lucado’s book ” Max On Life.”

  2. Biography: Alexander the Great, the Pope’s Last Crusade, or Robin Williams by Brian Morris
    Christian Living: God, Me and Sweet Tea by Rose Chandler Johnson
    Diversity: Living in a Gray World by Preston Sprinkle
    Womanhood: Nourished by Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolf
    Meaning to Read: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    Christian Classic: The Screw tape Letters by C S. Lewis
    My Coice: Seeing Jesus by Jeffery McClain Jones
    New Testament Romans
    Fiction: A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden
    Communication: Change your words and chose the to heal by Adam Houge
    Holiness: Dance,Stand,Run by Jess Connolly
    Author I’ve read before: A Daring venture by Elizabeth Camden
    Best of 2018: Union with Christ by Rankin Wilbourne