Sometimes God Leads Us Down a New Path {March Monthly Goals Update}

I’m learning more and more each day that goals are useless if you don’t do anything about them. But I’m also learning that sometimes God leads us down a new path. Sometimes where we thought we were heading isn’t where He wanted us to go after all.

not knowing when the dawn will come_edited-1

If God is leading you down a new path, He will provide what you need as you go forth.

March Monthly Goals Update

Memorize one Bible verse – Scripture memory is truly an area that I sincerely struggle. On one hand, I have a terrible memory. On the other hand, scripture memory is not a priority. I mean it is. I want it to be. But it’s not. That’s the raw, honest truth. I’m praying for grace to change and wisdom to make this more of a daily habit.

Complete one prayer walk through each room in my home

Complete two books from my reading list

Go ski one time – We decided skiing wasn’t practical for me this month, nor did I desire to go. Maybe next season!

Check off all items from my March Intentional Living Checklist

Goals that moved to the back burner:

This past month our family made some BIG decisions, and because of these changes, I put these three goals on the back burner for the month. I gave myself (and my husband) grace. I will share more soon about these upcoming changes!

  • Complete two chapters on leadership study & review with Mark
  • Plan one date night out with Mark
  • Begin reading one book together as a couple

April Monthly Goals

Memorize one Bible verse

Plan one date night out with Mark

Plan one date with Sam

Complete one prayer walk through each room in my home

Check off all items from my April Intentional Living Checklist

Goal I’m putting on the back burner:

Wait, what? Yep. I’m not going to work on my reading list this month. I’ve discovered that I’m really good at making time for reading books on my reading list to the neglect of my Bible reading. So for the month of April I am going to do a fast from my reading list and only read the Bible. I’m eager to see how this affects all ares of my life and goal work!

What are you goals this month? I’d love for you to share them with me in the comments!

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