Menu Plan Monday – August 4th {Whole 30 Edition}

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Last week, I asked in my weekly newsletter if anyone would be interested in me sharing our weekly menu plan. I was blown away by how many emails flooded my inbox with a resounding, “YES!”

Now I know if I ever just need to fill up my inbox to just ask about menu planning!

I guess we’re all in this boat together – the one where menu planning is necessary, good and true, but can be a serious drag sometimes. It’s hard to come up with an interesting menu plan week-in and week-out. I get in menu planning ruts, and sometimes I fall off the menu planning band wagon altogether. Lately I’ve been on the latter train – falling off altogether.

Recently we started the Whole 30 Challenge. I won’t lie. It’s been a bit hard on me. I’ll explain more later about why we’re doing the Whole 30, but for now, suffice it to say that this challenge is forcing me to be disciplined about menu planning again. I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants for far too long and our food choices are showing our true colors.

So when you all said you wanted to see my menu plan each week, I got a little sweaty because quite frankly, I’ve been doing a poor job. But then again that’s also why I asked you if you were interested. I think I sort of hoped I’d get crickets so I wouldn’t be held accountable to creating a menu plan for my family.

Yet one of the reasons I started blogging was for the accountability and sharing the behind the scenes of my life – even the ordinary days and mundane moments. Sharing my menu plan is something I did back in the baby days of Intentional By Grace, and honestly, I’m ready to get back to those days.

So without further ado, here’s what you asked for … my menu plan for the week of August 4th.


egg scramble

Breakfasts are pretty much the same around here every day right now – egg scrambles. We scramble a big pan of eggs and throw in whatever veggies we have on hand from our weekly farmer’s market run or our vegetable garden. Throw a small bit of fruit on the side and we call it a morning.

easy breakfast

If we want something easy, then we put together a bowl of nuts, coconut flakes, and berries.

We don’t really plan our breakfasts because it’s just eggs + veggies on hand = breakfast.


We stick to pretty simple lunches.

simple lunch

Here’s some normal lunches for us:

  • Almond butter spread on celery, raisins, avocado, and fruit
  • Salmon or Tuna Patties with avocado sauce (recipe will be in 2nd edition of 20 Minute Meals!) and sweet potato fries (you’ll see these on our menu a lot!)
  • Salads loaded with whatever veggies and herbs I have in my garden topped with tuna, salmon, chicken or boiled eggs

coconut cod fish

One day last week, I really wanted fish so I made coconut baked cod fish with sauteed spinach and arugula and sweet potato fries. It was amazing! I’m still perfecting the recipe though. But I’m betting it will be in the 2nd edition of 20 Minute Meals!


Monday: Sticky Chicken in the Crockpot (I’ve been using this recipe for years!), sauteed green beans in coconut oil, and sweet potato fries

Tuesday: Pan-Seared Salmon (recipe will be in 2nd edition of 20 Minute Meals!) , sweet potato fries (my kids love these so we make them a lot), and salad

Wednesday: Taco in a Bowl (recipe will be in 2nd edition of 20 Minute Meals!) with fruit and avocado

Thursday: Roasted Garlic Stuffed Chicken with sauteed veggies and salad

Friday: Dinner with Friends (who thankfully are doing the Whole 30 too!). They’re cooking!

Saturday: Skillet Chicken Divan

Sunday: Meatballs and Gravy (recipe will be in 2nd edition of 20 Minute Meals!) with sauteed veggies and fruit

meatballs and gravy

That’s our Whole 30 menu plan for this week!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you don’t already. It’s my favorite place to share what my family’s eating, especially now that I’m taking the Whole 30 Challenge. Better yet, sign up for my weekly newsletter and get my weekly menu plan delivered straight to your inbox!

What’s on your plate this week?

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  1. I’m planning on completing my 2nd Whole 30 in September because after the first trimester I have had, my body is in serious need of a re-start! I didn’t want anything to do with veggies and ate more junk food than I would like to admit. Now that my food aversions are mostly gone and I’m feeling much better, it’s time to start getting healthy again. Have you read Well Fed? I just checked it out from the library and have already made a list of Paleo/Whole 30 approved recipes to try!

  2. How do you make your sweet potato fries? I LOVE sweet potato fries, but mine tend to come out a little…um…limp. But I am absolutely adding sweet potatoes to my next grocery list. My family doesn’t eat them very well, but I guess that just leaves more for me!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the menu plan! I can totally identify with flying by the seat of your pants as far as meals go! Yet I am so ready to get out of this rut and make healthy, yummy, simple and economical meals for our family! Blessings to you and you family! So enjoying your blog!