Mama’s Bed – The Safest Place in the World

The passage into childhood is scary and clingy. The dark makes shadows and brings eerie noises. The only safe place to rest is in mama’s bed cuddled up close and snoring.

the safest place on earth

These wee hours of hushed coffee and baby moans will soon pass, and he will sleep in his bed unbothered one day. I know because I have an older one too. He’s already growing tall and racing toward boyhood faster than I would like.

These babies that disrupt our sleep and need us in the night, there will come a day when they will leave our beds never to return, and we won’t even notice the transition. We will pick them up only to set them down one last time, never recalling the last time.

This morning I am reminded to rock these babies, snuggle them tight. Don’t rush. Life rushes it all enough for us. The days and nights tumble one on top of a weary other but this too shall pass. This season of life will be replaced with new seasons and new mercies and new grace.

This day is a gift.

Children come as babes, wrapped in our hearts as a gift and reward. Squeeze tight today. Pray for fresh oil to parent and remember the privilege of loving this child, leaning in when it is hard, especially when it’s hard.

Teach them to snuggle in close to their Father in Heaven and cling to Him when the darkness seems too near. Teach them with gentleness and grace because one day they’ll be too big for our beds, and we’ll want them to know where to turn. To the safest place there is. To Christ our King.

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  1. This post gave me chills. It’s so sad when we realize we haven’t had a good snuggle with the little ones in a long time. But it is so important to teach them to go to Christ when they get to be too big for mom’s bed. Thank you so much for writing this post, it was a good one!