january goals

January Monthly Goals

Goals are useless if you don’t do anything about them. In my book, Live for Him, I talk about breaking your yearly goals down into monthly goals.

I took some time during my planning retreat to break my yearly goals down into monthly goals. I wanted to share my January monthly goals with you. I need the accountability, and I thought you might be interested to see how I am breaking my personal goals for the year into bite size pieces.

january goals

January Goals

Memorize one Bible verse

Complete one chapter on leadership study & review with Mark

Plan one date night out with Mark

Begin reading one book together as a couple

Plan one date with Sam

Complete one prayer walk through each room in my home

Complete two books from my reading list

Go ski one time

What are you goals this month? I’d love for you to share them with me in the comments!

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  1. Leigh,
    I believe making monthly goals is a wonderful ideal. I am normally the agenda queen that has to always make action plans for everything but after doing so, something always comes along and gets me off track.
    So I am going to try to do a goals list (that is realistic) every month and see if I can complete everything on it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree that nothing ever goes as planned. I keep my goals and action lists in front of me. When I can work on them, I do. When I can’t, I know those lists are still there to go back to. Today is a good example. I had my calendar planned and woke up to a toddler with the flu. Now I shift everything to allow for life. I’ll pick up where I left off when my baby is better! Or not…if there’s something else. ha! But at least I have direction and a plan!

  2. Love how you are doing monthly goals! I have my yearly ones and then do weekly but monthly would probably be really helpful. I’m planning on starting a memory verse with my little girl this week. I haven’t gone skiing since I was 8 – hope you have a blast.

    1. Weekly goals are great too. I don’t set those right now. My weeks NEVER go as planned. I’ve found looking at the WHOLE month helps keep me motivated. I can work on these goals in the bits and spurts as a part of my whole rhythm. I think I’ll get to the point again of making weekly goals, but with two little ones, I just let it go. I’ve found I’m walking in grace more consistently with monthly goals. Does that make any sense? haha!

      1. It makes perfect sense! You are right, the unexpected always seems to happen. When I do my weekly goals I normally just have 5-7 and they are just the biggies I want to hit that week. Most weeks only a couple of them correlate to one of my yearly goals and others are specifics for that week (a meeting, writing thank you cards, potting my herbs etc.)

        Two little ones aren’t easy! My almost 8 month old is in the midst of cutting teeth 4-6. Yuck. So we’ve been having some clingy days and waking up lots at night.

        1. You might inspire me to start weekly goals again sooner. Thanks for sharing how you do it! I know it would definitely help to organize my days a little better.