Intentional Toddler Time: Shapes, Shapes, and More Shapes

{Samuel is currently 20.5 months}

Our theme for Intentional Toddler Time this week was shapes. I’ve found if I focus on a theme each week, I can organize my thoughts and plan fun activities. Like I said last week, we don’t always stick to the plan, but doing “unit studies” keeps my brain organized. I’m thoroughly enjoying this intentional time with Samuel each week, and he’s growing so fast! I’m glad I’m not missing it. So glad.

We continued with our sensory bins this week.

Shape Theme Sensory Bin

I filled the sensory bin with pattern blocks, buttons, pom poms, star fish, and cotton balls. I added some scoops and a variety of bowls for him to sort, scoop, clank, etc.

Our life skill for the week was making Homemade Raw Applesauce with Mommy.

He was a huge helper – putting all the apple slices in the Blendtec . I think only two half eaten slices made it into the mix. πŸ˜‰ And after the first batch of raw applesauce, he wasn’t much help anymore.

He was requesting more “sauce-y” quicker than I could make it. I think he likes my raw applesauce recipe! We’re going to have to add Unbelievable Chocolate Applesauce Bars to our to do list!

Table time was a lot of fun this week. We tried our hand at crafts, and I was impressed with how much he loved it! Remember our theme was shapes for the week, so we worked with circles and squares for our craft time.

I drew the outline of a turtle, and he instinctively placed the squares that I had pre-cut within the circle. He even enjoyed a little glue stick action.

This was done all by himself. The only ones I did were the ones he handed me and I put them wherever he pointed.

We also worked with circles to make a caterpillar. Very easy and very fun!

We pulled out our Fish Colors Mix N Match Peg Puzzle to work on colors, and because he is obsessed with fish. I learned in this little exercise we need to work a bit on sharing. Do you see all of the pieces in his hands? Yea…

And because he was still totally interested and requested “more, more,” I had to come up with more table work. So we pulled out our wooden shape sorter.

After he’d sorted them several times, he decided to work on stacking, and then pummeling them over.

He learned about gravity while playing outside with his cars! This was by far his favorite outside play activity.

He got some fun Daddy time after dinner one night. I love these moments. He’s really getting into “wrestling.”

And even Daddy enjoys Intentional Toddler Time when he can!

That was our week! Now tell me in the comments what you did to have Intentional Toddler Time with your babies!

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    1. Jenni, you and me both! The fish one has been the most popular one so far! Next week we’re doing cars theme because this kid is totally into cars (although it won’t post for two weeks obviously!). I can’t wait to see his reaction with it! I say just put something hard, something soft, and some scooping fun items. Just start somewhere!

  1. Fun! I know this isn’t about intentional toddler time but I’m so curious to know how you put together the corks to pin his projects too! such a fun idea! I have a ton of corks I’v been trying to think about what to do with. As for intentional toddler time, we worked on colors while playing Candyland. πŸ™‚