Intentional Toddler Time: Baseball Theme Unit

intentional toddler time weekly update

{Samuel is currently 29 months}

A couple of weeks ago Daddy bought his little boy his first baseball glove and ball. You would have thought Daddy hung the moon. Samuel was in love!!! The baseball glove never left his hand, which is quite impressive considering he’s a thumb sucker and the glove goes on his thumb sucking hand! The duo went to the grocery store with us, the bathroom with us, the dinner table, and even stayed on for bedtime. He never wanted to take it off and the ball always stayed safely tucked inside. Can we say, adorable? Yes, we can!

sleeping with his baseball glove

Because of this new love, he inevitably talked about baseball all.the.time. So I figured what the heck?!? Let’s do a baseball theme unit tot school week! Coincidence of coincidence, B is for Baseball.

table time

We continued with what he loves most this week – do-a-dot and coloring.

letter b is for baseball
coloring baseballs
do a dot letter B
do a dot baseball bat
do a dot baseball pitcher

We also worked with play dough again this week, as he continues to request it. Much to my surprise, he loves the purple play dough. I think he knows it’s his mama’s favorite color. 😉

Letter B Playdough Letter Work

We made more snakes this week and worked hard on learning the letter B.

playdough balls

Then we made baseballs to place on each of the balls on the letter B.

playdough pancakes
playdough pancakes

When that grew old, he squished the balls into “can-cakes.”

playdough hearts

We ended our play dough session with cutouts and imprints. He was obsessed with making hearts on this particular day.

letter B stamping

He asked to do stamping, but this was not very successful. It was more like crazy stabbing session that ended up looking nothing like letter B’s. He quickly grew weary of this task. We use Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set for these sort of activities.

do a dot letter B

He requested “painting” again, so off we went to do a little more do-a-dot painting of the Letter B. I’d say the letter and the sound and let him repeat after me as he painted.

baseball unit theme craft

We did a very simple Pennant Craft, an idea I got from Pass the Cereal. I was not meticulous about my pennant cutout, as you can see. But I had a very, very anxious toddler and I wasn’t prepared on this particular day. Felt and foam stickers is all you need for this easy peasy craft!

learning toys
sam playing

These were his picks for the week when we were in the play room. Duplo Blocks, trucks, and puzzles. I love how they all have their own little spot, and he’s resting on the couch getting ready to read.

sam reading books

We read our baseball books from the library over and over and over again. This boy loves to read, which is why we’ve decided to use the Before Five in a Row Curriculum.

Baseball Theme Books:

We found all of these at our local library.

  • H is for Home Run by Brad Herzog
  • The Berenstain Bears Play T-Ball
  • Froggy Plays T-Ball by Jonathan London
  • Hit the Ball Duck by Jez Alborough
  • Curious George at the Baseball Game
free play

I did not get any pictures of our free play. It’s hard to take pictures when you’re throwing a ball with a toddler, but we played lots and lots of catch this week. We went to Daddy’s softball game, and Daddy even taught Sam how to hit a ball. Who needs t-ball? 😉

a moment captured
happy baby waking up

This is Samuel every single morning. Who wouldn’t love waking up to this?

Printable Resources Used for Letter B and Baseball Theme Unit:

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