A round up of intentional toddler time activities for an 11.5 month old.

Intentional Toddler Time {11.5 months}

A round up of intentional toddler time activities for an 11.5 month old.

I love watching tiny toddlers explore, learn, and discover the world. They are always learning, and one of my greatest joys is giving my son something new to explore.

dump and fill
sensory pom pom

Pom poms were a huge hit with both boys! Timmy loved dumping and filling the containers over and over again. He also found a spoon in a drawer to use for stirring.

teddy bear
counting bears

A basket of counting bears and some colorful bowls made for a great time of playing together one afternoon. We counted, we sorted, and we watched all of big brothers pretend play with the counting bears.

playing in the floor

Timmy loves when I get in the floor to play. He comes and gives me hugs over and over again when I sit down. Makes me sit down a lot more often. 😉

noahs ark
noahs ark exploration

I pulled our Noah’s Ark set out for Big Brother’s week of preschool, but Timmy enjoyed the wooden set just as much! I sat down and played with them several times. Sam and I would make the animal sounds for each animal. It’s fun having someone help me teach little brother.

rocking chair

Our proud moment this week was learning how to crawl in and out of the rocking chair. He loved crawling into his rocking chair with a book to “read.”

He landed several bruises, but eventually he got it down pat. Thank goodness! I was tired of turning the chairs upside down so I could get a few things done without worrying if my son was going to crash on the coffee table!

sensory play

Our afternoon sensory bins continue to be a huge hit. This little boy is all about experiencing life to fullest. He has to get in every single bin I pull out. Remember our water bin from a few weeks ago?

foam sensory

One afternoon I desperately needed the boys to be entertained. I was touched out and just tired. So I made foaming dish soap and added yellow food coloring and lemon essential oil. They loved it!

bike riding
bike riding with daddy

One of the wonderful things about Daddy quitting his job to work from home is that he’s available in the afternoons before dinner. Bike rides are a family favorite right now.

Another fun week with our little toddler!

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