A round up of intentional toddler time activities for an 11.5 month old.

Intentional Toddler Time {11.5 months}

A round up of intentional toddler time activities for an 11.5 month old.

Within a single week, Timmy’s mode of transportation went from sometimes walking, sometimes crawling to a full blown walking machine! We had so much fun exploring and learning together this week.

put a lid on it
put a lid on it 2

He continues to love to fill his tin can with objects and then put the lid on it. No matter what containers and bowls I give him, he always goes and finds this one that you see in the picture.

lacing beads 2
lacing beads

I pulled out the lacing beads for both boys one day. Timmy loved to un-string what his brother and I strung together. We also sorted the beads into various containers together. I modeled for him grouping like colors into the same bowl. I don’t have pictures because … well, I was playing. 😉

learning to use a fork

He is incredibly proud of his ability to use a fork. He will huff and make all manner of noises until we bring his fork to the table for a meal. It’s adorable to watch him try get food to his mouth using a fork or spoon.

fine motor 2

One day he was particularly fussy while his Daddy and I tried to get dinner on the table. He started with a crayon and paper, but that didn’t occupy him long. So I pulled out our color counting chips and his favorite tin can to let him dump and fill.

fine motor 3

I wanted to see how he would do with a “coin slot.” So I made a quick slit in the top of the can and gave him his chips. He figured it out right away and happily played filled his can with counting chips.

fine motor

His brother was playing with stir sticks, so we gave him a few of those as well. He instantly went to work putting them in the can, then pulling them right back out.

I set him up with this activity nearly every day and he loved it! You can see other indoor activities we love here. I also use these busy bags often as well.

favorite book

Timmy only just started taking interests in books. He sits for longer and longer amounts of read aloud time each day. Biscuit Visits the Petting Zoo was his favorite book this week by far. It was also Samuel’s favorite book at this age. Timmy brings Biscuit to me several times a day to read. He puts the book in my lap and then pats my lap with his hands. He’ll nod his head and say, “ya-ssshhh” over and over until I read it.

sand soup

We have gotten soooooooo much rain this summer. Any chance we get, we are outside playing. The sandbox is our little ones absolute favorite place. The boys will play together for hours in the sandbox. On this day, Timmy tried sand soup and decided it was not as tasty as what Mommy cooks.

morning awake time

My boys both went on an early morning spree for a couple of weeks. It’s always when I’m trying to get back into the routine of rising early for a few moments of quiet time with the Lord. But it’s hard to be frustrated when you’re looking at these two faces. We read a lot of books in the wee hours of the morning snuggled up together.

And that was Intentional Toddler Time this week!

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What are some thing you do with your toddler?

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  1. He is such a cutie!

    My youngest turned 8 months today so she is right around his age. Honestly though, the thought of her being 11 months, (and then a year!), is just crazy.

    What is the difference between your boys’ ages? My boys are 4 and 2 and they are best friends. It is such a blessing to watch their friendship develop and to see them doing everything together.

    1. The first year always blows my mind – the amount of changes that take place! My oldest is 3.5 (4 in January) and my youngest just turned 1. My youngest loves his older brother and follows him around everywhere. It’s sweet, and my oldest is getting a taste of his own medicine. 😉 It truly is fun to watch them.