Intentional Conversations: Let’s Keep with the Dancin’ Theme!

Welcome to another Intentional Conversation!

Last week we watched Samuel (and mostly Mark!) dance to a crazy Peanut Butter & Jelly song. What a fun moment! In an effort to keep things happy and upbeat and a bit lighter, I decided to share a sneak peek into my home and my girls’ little world.

I recorded this video a few months back and wasn’t originally planning on sharing with “the World.” So please excuse the “realness” that you will see: an unpacked box (we were still getting settled- and are we ever really settled??); a laundry hamper on the table; kombucha brewing on my hutch; toys scattered; and I am sure there is more!

I show you what I see out my back porch and how my girls just love to rock out to some good oldies ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy a peak into the Hughes’ house and also enjoy a great song! One of our favorites for sure!

{If you can’t see this video, click to watch directly on YouTube: The Girls Dancin’ to some Oldies}

Thanks for watching. I try to be intentional about getting my girls to listen to music and having fun with them. Dancing, singing out loud. Just letting loose!

Do you love to dance as much as we do?

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