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Intentional Conversations: Already Blessed by the Scripture Memory Challenge!

Welcome back to another Intentional Conversation! We are into week 2 of our Scripture Memory Challenge, and I can’t help be share this from-the-heart story about how the Lord has already blessed me through this challenge. I am a rotten sinner, and He still remains faithful. Amen? Please take a few minutes to hear what the Lord has done in my life through this sweet little story.

{If you cannot see the video, click here to watch it directly on YouTube}

You may have noticed in the video that I referenced last week’s Intentional Conversation. You can find that here. If you are interested in joining our Facebook group you can find that here (you will need to request to join but we will approve you ASAP!).

Do you have an encouraging story to share? Please do!

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  1. I love how the Lord answered your prayer with your daughter! And that was also wonderful encouragement to include my child in the memory verses we’re working on. I think he would love that. Thanks for sharing this blessing.

  2. Nikki- you a breath of fresh air! I have moments like that every. single. day! However, it usually takes longer to get over myself and come back to God’s grace and mercy. And I have to admit that I never thought about trying to teach my son these verses too! Thanks for that example!

    1. Oh Leah thank you for your kind words. I hadn’t thought about teaching her yet either. It just sort of happened. Now we will keep working on that and add a new verse each week. Start training them up young!

  3. God often uses children to speak to me. They strip away the fancy words and go straight for the heart of the meaning. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment.

  4. Thank you for that simple reminder to not only memorize Scripture but to also watch what and how we say things to our children. I have found myself often speaking in haste to only regret it and need to ask their forgiveness for my words and actions. We have been memorizing Scripture with our children since they were young, our oldest was not quite 3 when she started and our son was 2 when he started. The youngest is now a year and she will be memorizing Scripture as soon as she can. I am director of our AWANA Cubbies club at church so she will be hearing and learning right along with my clubbers. That is how my son started at 2 and he has an amazing amount of Scripture already memorized. My husband and I need to work on what we are memorizing as well.

    1. It fills me with such joy to hear children being taught God’s Word and encouraged to store it up in their little hearts. My son is 19 months, and I look forward to the day that we can start memorizing scripture together. It is amazing what our babies are capable of storing in their hearts.

    2. I plan on starting Cubbies with my daughter next year. Hopefully she will already have a few verses memorized by then! Thanks for the encouragement!