I Am Observing What Mama’s Doing {Video}


i am observing what mamas doing

My toddler is very interested in what mom and dad are doing. This means spending time with my toddler is hands down my best teaching tool.

We love allowing our toddler to come alongside us in our day-to-day activities. However, it’s not always feasible or wise to allow our toddler to actually participate in certain tasks. For example, when I’m chopping vegetables, he simply needs to observe and not participate. But he’s not always happy about this arrangement because, of course, he wants to do it too.

One day it dawned on me that it would help if I tried to make observing more fun. Perhaps I could find a way to still engage with my toddler instead of expecting him to stand still in silence and watch. So I came up with a little song we can sing together when I just want him to observe and not participate. Now observing is fun for him instead of frustrating because I’m still interacting with him, and he’s encouraged to obey the lyrics of the song when he repeats them back.

Below is a video of us singing the song together. I’m not the best of singers. However, I’ll put my pride aside in hopes that this will be something for you and your toddler to have fun with when there’s a task you want them to simply observe!

{If you can’t see the video, then click here: I Am Observing What Mama’s Doing}

“I Am Observing” Song Lyrics:

I am observing
(Child repeats)

What Mama’s doing
(Child repeats)

So when I’m bigger
(child repeats)

I can do it too.
(Child repeats)

Do you use songs to enforce concepts with your children?

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  1. That was lovely. I particularly like that Samuel sings ‘I wanna do it!’ Love the dancing too. We are forever picking up songs from the internet for our learning. We found songs about geology and the continents. Music makes stuff stick. We recently discovered my little boy has totally got opera ears so we sing (really badly in my case) bits of our day. It is fun.