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Home Preschool Week in Review {Letter Z & God’s Faithfulness}

letter z week in review_edited-1

We had a great week of learning together. We learned all about God’s faithfulness and the letter Z.

gods faithfulness

For Bible time and character training, we use the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum.

Memory Verse: Psalm 36:5
Bible: The Jesus Storybook Bible, pages 38-47, A New Beginning {Noah’s Ark}

We read our story each day and practiced our memory verse. We talked about how we God always keeps His promises and we should too. It was a great opportunity to talk about doing what we say we’re going to do. For example, when we say we will clean our room, we should be faithful and follow through on our promise.

fots ornament

I let Samuel draw a rainbow on a small piece of card stock to hang on our Fruit of the Spirit Tree. The rainbow reminds us of God’s faithfulness to His people.

gravity and gods faithfulness

We also did a science experiment to learn about gravity, which is an idea from the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum. We gathered several objects from around the house like a piece of paper, feather, ball, keys, etc. Then we dropped each one to see what it would do. We talked about gravity and how it’s like God’s faithfulness (we can count on gravity to bring things to the ground).

water color rainbow

One day he wanted to paint. I pulled the water colors out and he immediately starting making a rainbow. After it dried, he added foam animal stickers. He said they were all the animals coming out of the ark.


We use God’s Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum for our base guide to lead us through the alphabet and additional preschool theme work. This week was letter Z and a zoo theme to go along with Noah’s Ark.


Using playdough and popsicle sticks we made cages for our animals. We used our wooden animals from our Noah’s Ark set, and Noah and Mrs. Noah came to the zoo one day. Samuel absolutely loved this activity!

z is for zebra

letter z practice

letter z practice 2

While we had the playdough out, we practiced making letter Z’s with the playdough.

size sorting zebras

Samuel loves size sorting so I found some zebras for him to cut and paste.

letter z prewriting

letter z prewriting practice

Samuel loves tracing so we did some prewriting worksheets and traced letter Z’s. We continue to love our Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center. I love being able to store my printables for later use and/or use them over and over again throughout the week.

writing name in rainbow colors

He is really into writing his name, so I try to come up with different ways for him to practice. Since we were doing rainbow activities, I wrote his name with a yellow highlighter and let him trace the letters in the different colors of the rainbow. This great idea came from God’s Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum.

We use All About Pre-Reading for our phonics work.

all about reading letter z

We did a simple letter Z worksheet and glued buttons on the jacket.

Other fun preschool things we did …

counting bears and rainbows

I set him up with a rainbow and counting bears one day. He didn’t do a thing with the rainbow, but he played with the counting bears and bowls for half an hour while I caught up on some house work and little brother took a nap.


I pulled out the pom poms for little brother, but Samuel enjoyed them just as much. He played farmer’s market on this day, which I thought was interesting. I loved hearing what all the pom poms were supposed to be (beets were my favorite!).

sensory bin together

I pull out a sensory activity just about every day for the boys. It’s a great afternoon activity when they have both free played themselves restless and there’s still a couple of hours before dinner. This bin has popcorn, lentils, and split peas in it with several bowls and spoons. The first day I pulled this out both boys played for a solid hour with it. I was shocked!

brothers sensory

I love the happiness on these faces! It’s worth the five minute clean up every single time.

lacing cards

Samuel found the lacing cards in storage bin and asked to do them one day. He’s never been interested in them, so it was fun watching him try to figure it out.

shopping with mommy

One of my goals for the year is to go on a date with my oldest at least once a month. Sometimes we go to the library while Daddy listens for little brother who is napping. But more often than not, dates with Mommy are trips to the grocery store. Sometimes we use this fun printable.

Thankfully, he loves going grocery shopping with me. He asked me to “stuff him in the cart with the groceries” and to “please take my picture.” We were stocking up on treats for little brother’s first birthday party! This isn’t our normal grocery haul. ๐Ÿ˜‰

bike riding

This is my favorite picture from the week. He loves going on bike rides with Daddy. I went outside one day to snag a few pictures for memory’s sake. Sam was joyful and excited! Love that little face so much.

We read A LOT of books! Our favorite books this week:

And that was our week of home preschool!

Additional Printables and Links:

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  1. Wow! What a fun and full week! There are so many great ideas for activities here. My boys are really enjoying their preschool time and are excited about learning their letters so I’m trying to take advantage of all their enthusiasm. We’ve had such a busy couple of weeks, though, it’s been hard to be consistent with anything.

    I love the idea for the zoo using play-doh and Popsicle sticks. As much as my boys love animals, this will be a must-try activity for us.

    Thank you for sharing! Now to find time to peruse the rest of your preschool ideas…

    1. We have weeks where we do a lot, and then we have weeks (like this week) where it’s hard to do any focused time. It ebbs and flows. I just fit in what I can, and let the rest go for another time. ๐Ÿ™‚