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Home Preschool Week in Review {All God Creates is Good & Letter G}

Home preschool week in review. Activities and ideas for teaching letter G and the Creation Story.

We had another fun week of home preschool. It is such a joy to teach this little boy about God’s Word.

all god creates is good

For Bible time and character training, we use the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum.

Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1
Bible: Read and Learn Bible, pages 8-13, The First Seven Days {The Creation Story}

We read our story each day and practiced our memory verse. We talked about how everything God creates is good.

reading the creation story

Since we were working on the letter G throughout the week, I had him point out all the G’s on each page of the Creation story.

We also did a craft to go with each day of creation to help us remember the order in which God created everything. The instructions for how to create each of the following crafts can be found in the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum.

creation day one and day two

I let Sam do all the cutting, which was great fine motor practice, especially for the blue waves.

water colors

scissor practice with creation craft

creation craft with water colors

creation craft day 3 and day 4

creation craft

creation craft scissor practice

I was impressed by his eagerness to do all of his own cutting. He also created the sun from his own imagination (luckily, it followed the instructions ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

creation craft day 5 and 6

The fifth day craft took a little more instruction and help from Mommy, BUT he loved it. When it was complete, he was so proud because he wasn’t 100% sure how we were going to make the birds and fish.

Day six was fun to watch him think about the materials we have on hand and how he could replicate the scene from the story Bible on his own. The brown marks are Adam and Eve.

creation craft day 7

On Day 7, God rested. So we used our letter stamps to make the letter Z. The cotton ball is a pillow and a square of scrap fabric is a blanket.


We use God’s Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum for our base guide to lead us through the alphabet and additional preschool theme work.

letter g thumb print

We made thumb prints on a letter g. Then, he used a green colored pencil to draw stems and leaves on them. We made a “garden” on our letter g.

letter g stamps with a smile

letter g stampWe stamped letter G in our alphabet notebook. He’s really enjoying our alphabet stamps right now. Each time he adds a letter G, he says the letter and the sound it makes.

We use All About Pre-Reading for our phonics work.

ziggy play time

We continue to enjoy Ziggy each week. Ziggy makes learning phonemic sounds fun!

cutting practice

More scissor practice …

all about learning letter g

circle letter g

Circling letter g’s (or rather, coloring letter g’s).

all about learning letter g id

Finding the letter G’s in our Lizard Lou book. Great way to learn print awareness. I have him use his finger to “read” from left to right as he looks for letter G’s.

Other fun preschool things we did …

washing produce

stirring peppersAfter launching the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum, I had a lot of garden harvesting and preserving to catch up on! Samuel loves helping me in the kitchen. He washed all the peppers and stirred them so I could add them to a salt brine for fermenting.

helping in the kitchen

He ran the show on fermenting our pickles. This was only our second batch, but he knew what spices I needed to pull out, and what order everything was supposed to go into the jar. I love seeing his memory at work! It always reminds me to get God’s Word into that little thinker.

kombucha making


We also bottled a new batch of Kombucha.

I like to call these lessons part of health class. ๐Ÿ˜‰

lacing beads

I pulled out the lacing beads for the boys one day, and Sam really enjoyed them. He’s never been interested in them before. I was excited to see him trying to make necklaces.


I showed him how to make patterns, but the lesson was lost on him …

glasses for pretend

Making glasses was far more fun. He makes me giggle.

number practice

He loves tracing letters and numbers. I set him up with this worksheet one day, and he worked hard for 15 minutes on tracing the numbers over and over again.

And that was our first official week of homeschool preschool!

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