Be Kind to One Another activities to go along with the story, The Servant King, in the Jesus Storybook Bible. Plus ideas for every other story in this children's Bible as well!

Home Preschool Week in Review {Be Kind to One Another}



Be Kind to One Another activities to go along with the story, The Servant King, in the Jesus Storybook Bible. Plus ideas for every other story in this children's Bible as well!


Recently, I was digging through some old photos and found pictures from the week we talked about Jesus as a Servant King.

Because Easter is nearing and this is a great way to teach your children in a tangible way some parts of the Easter story, I wanted to share what we did that week.

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I’ve no idea why I never posted the round up from the week!


be kind to one another


For Bible time and character training, we’ve been using the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum.

I created this curriculum for my son when he was 2-3 years old, but we continue to use it as a four year old!

You can learn more about the curriculum here.

Memory Verse: Ephesians 4:32
Bible: The Jesus Storybook Bible, pages 286-288, The Servant King {Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet}

We read our story each day and practiced our memory verse during family devotions.

Talking points for the week:

  • We should be kind to one another and serve one another in love.
  • It takes humility to be kind to one another and Jesus was the ultimate example of humility
  • Someone who shows humility has a soft heart as opposed to a hard, mean heart

Like I said, we did this lesson a year ago! I can tell you that this lesson has stuck hard with my son.

He talks often about having a hard heart and soft heart and knows the difference because of the activities and conversations we shared during this week of home preschool activities. This is probably one of my favorite lessons in this curriculum.

Here are some of the activities we did to go along with the story, The Servant King:




Role-Play Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet

What You Need:

  • Large bowl or bucket
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Rags
  • Towels

What You Need to Do:

Wash your child’s feet and let him wash yours. As you wash, talk about what it feels like to have your feet washed. Does it feel weird? Talk about how Jesus was a servant even though He was a King.

My husband did this activity with my son during the week. Since we’re a work at home family, we often share the load of homeschool with Samuel.


soft heart and hard heart


Craft: Contrast Hard & Soft Heart

What You Need:

  • Two pieces of card stock, cut into heart-shapes
  • White cotton balls
  • Scissors
  • Black beans
  • Glue

What You Do:

Let your child glue black beans onto one heart.

As he works, talk to him about what it means to have a hard heart. Our hearts without Jesus are hard (like the beans) and full of sin. It’s our sinful, hard hearts that keep us from being kind to others.

Let your child glue cotton balls onto the other heart.

As he works, talk to him about what it means to have a soft heart. It takes a soft (like the cotton balls) and humble heart to be kind to others.


soft heart and hard heart object lesson


When Jesus comes into our heart, He changes our heart from a black sinful heart (like the black beans) to a soft, white heart (like the cotton balls).


happy birthday finished


Craft: Make a Card for Someone

We had several friends and family with birthdays during this week of lessons, so we made several birthday cards to show kindness!


hand writing practic


We worked on writing our letters. I just made dotted lines for him to trace, Happy Birthday. He loved this!


happy birthday card writing


He colored in the heart to say “love.”


happy birthday card


We worked on scissors skills, and I always love watching him stick his tongue out.


inside card


On this birthday card, he didn’t want me to write the letters for him to trace. He wanted to “do it himself.” So the scribbly lines up top say, “Happy Birthday!”


sort the mail learning through pretend play|


We also talked about Community helpers as being servants of the community.

The main activity we did was a sort the mail math activity while reading several books we checked out from the library about mail carriers, fire fighters, police officers, etc.

You can see what we did with that here for the mail sorting.

And that was our home preschool week in review!

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  1. I love reading all your homeschool preschool ideas! We’ve done some hints here and there, but my plan is to be more intentional about it this fall. I’m sure I’ll be referencing your posts! Also, I love the hard/soft heart idea. 🙂