hearty fall vegetable soup

Hearty Fall Vegetable Soup {Recipe}

It’s soup season! Aren’t you excited? We’re already getting snow in our neck of the woods. So it’s definitely time to add soup to the menu.

Soups are easy to make and incredibly frugal. I especially love the latter part. But the problem with soups is my family usually ends up hungry again within a couple of hours of devouring bowls full of delicious goodness. Soups just simply do not tide us over. Therefore, I have to work really hard to make soups hearty as well as delicious.

Below is one of the most delicious soups I have ever tasted. It’s so delicious my football loving, manly-man who swears it’s just a sin to not have meat on the table at dinner, father-in-love even had to admit that this soup was amazing! We all had about three bowls worth before we decided ourselves stuffed to the rafters. We had to make ourselves stop going back for more!

Note: Adding sausage is a bonus if you have a “will never not eat meat husband,” but you certainly don’t have to add it. The soup is delicious meatless! But even more scrumptious with the sausage!

hearty fall vegetable soup


Yum! This is just what you need on a crisp fall evening. Can’t you just imagine it? A steaming bowl of soup, hot homemade French bread right out of the oven, and a crackling fire in the background? Oh, now that’s just glorious!

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  1. Wow, my lot will love that. It looks delicious and my family eat anything with Chorizo in. Literally anything, possibly even ice cream. I am currently making French Onion Soup. Enjoy the snow. My lot are in tee shirts in the garden as it is another nice day here in the South of England. They were paddling at the beach last week. Which is a nice blessing. The evenings are colder, though.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I substituted some of the squash for peas and omitted the mint, but still was really good. I used Italian ground turkey sausage and it gave some extra flavor. Delish!