Healthier Snickerdoodles {Grain Mill Wagon}

Are you a cookie lover? We definitely are in this house, but I have found it so hard to bake cookies because of all the ingredients most of my cookbooks call for (not to mention the amount of sugar). Oh and I’m not all that great of a baker either. This certainly plays into the lack of cookies in our home.

A couple of weeks ago I got an incredible craving for cookies. It was one of THOSE cravings where if “you do not get a cookie right now, you might just die” sort of cravings. Pregnancy – it does weird things.

So I opened my cookbooks and found a Snickerdoodle recipe. I changed the ingredients around and my son and I had Snickerdoodles for dinner. Seriously. No, it’s not the highest point in my mothering career, but I guess my kid thought I was pretty cool.

These Healthier Snickerdoodles were so good! I was impressed with my son’s baking abilities. The kicker? They’re not really all that bad for you either!

Aren’t they pretty? Want the recipe? Well head over to the Grain Mill Wagon blog. It’s a yummy one.

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