Grace for the Spring Cleaning Drop-Outs

Are you having a hard time getting motivated for Spring cleaning? Then, be encouraged – you aren’t alone!

By guest writer Lisa:

It seems all anyone is talking about online right now is spring cleaning.

They are sharing checklists, tips, and really helpful advice for giving our homes, our schedules, and even our attitudes a fresh new start.

Everywhere I look in my house I see piles of dishes, heaps of laundry, and toys scattered near and far. Clearly, I’m a prime candidate for all those articles and pins on getting your life in order.

This year, though… it’s just not happening.

I happen to be in the midst of the worst first-trimester nausea that I’ve had during any of my four pregnancies. Any time I manage to even fold a load of clothes, I feel like I should get a pat on the back.

Actually putting the clothes away? Certainly a trophy or banner is in order.

In this state, even the routine cleaning is all I can manage (and sometimes more than I can manage).

Perhaps you’re in a similar season, whether it’s pregnancy, grieving a loss, a lengthened period of illness, or a busier than usual schedule.

As one who prefers order and tidiness, it can be discouraging to look around my home and be overwhelmed by the little messes that all add up.

Worse yet to know that for a while, I am simply unable to do much more than I am doing.

The pressure of the normal seasonal tasks like “spring cleaning” can make matters more frustrating.

Sure, we’d like to have clean baseboards and less dust on top of and underneath and behind our furniture.

But we have to give ourselves grace and let these expectations go for a while.

Rather than feeling like you are neglecting something important and giving in to the discouragement, take a moment to think about all the important tasks you are doing right now.

Relaxing expectations of cleanliness for a time when you are facing a difficult season means more of what matters in the big picture.

More rest.

More hugs.

More meaningful conversations.

For us, it means more videos, more convenience foods, more snuggling up with my kids while laying in bed.

And that’s okay.

For right now.

In this season.

Do the work in front of you now, even if it’s simply saying yes to that afternoon nap, and remember that for everything there is a season. Spring isn’t always for cleaning.

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  1. Oh, bless your heart…and your family and home!! First, congratulations on the new expected little one. That is an amazing and exciting gift.
    Second, honey I can so feel your pain in the morning sickness. My son Mason will be 4 months old on the 9th and, while I can’t really remember the pain of delivery (I had eclampsia, so they forced me into labor 4 weeks early) I can remember with stomach flipping clarity, the horrendous morning (all day, really) sickness. But, mine lasted the entire pregnancy. I have a few suggestions for you. First is ginger, ginger, and did I mention ginger? I bought fresh ginger and local honey and made tea and I bought ginger lozenges as my local CVS store. Also, those pressure bands you put on the pressure points on your wrist? I used those a lot. Saltines, of course, when I could handle thought of food! Sometimes the thought of the act of chewing was enough to send me careening toward the bathroom. I will say a prayer for you!
    Thank you for this post. My husband and I have been doing some work to the inside of our home, so we have been staying at my moms house. She is the biggest pack rat and mess maker in the world, I think!
    I told my husband that I planned to go down to our house and start throwing things away. However, because of the saw dust and where we (translated: he while I itched and scratched) replaced insulation, I don’t want to take Mason in until I’ve had a chance to get all that out. My husband is Hispanic and Hispanic families don’t use babysitters when the mom is fortunate enough to stay home, so we are splitting our time between Mason and home. I have been so frustrated with the situation because I want us back home!
    Reading this post, I could feel myself relaxing. The house isn’t going anywhere but Mason does something new every day. Instead of spending my time frustrated and aggravated by the fact we can’t just move RIGHT NOW and being surrounded by the awesome piles of junk all over momma’s house, I need to count the blessings of being able to be with my son as he changes daily!
    Oh! One more thing I found soothing to my poor tummy was sherbet. Lemon, lime or orange.