Grace for the Pregnant Mom {Pregnancy Series}

Grace for the Pregnant Mom {An Intentional Approach to Pregnancy Series}

Grace for the Pregnant Mom Series is meant to encourage you in your journey of pregnancy. I will be sharing my experiences, research, and tips with you in hopes of helping you to embrace the gift of pregnancy. I will be adding links below as the posts go live. So save this page for future reference!

Grace for the Pregnant Mom Posts

Grace for the Pregnant Mom {A New Pregnancy Series}

Pregnancy: A Blessing or Just Another Thing to Complain About?

When Bonding with Your Unborn Child is Hard

5 Ways to Get Your Vitamins and Minerals Naturally

Why I’m Planning a Home Birth 

Why I’m Not Planning a Water Birth This Time Around

Preparing for a Home Birth {My Home Birth Kit}

Preparing for Labor Day {Scripture Encouragement for Pregnancy}

Preparing for Labor Day {Another Divine Analogy}

Why We Chose a Doula

My Birth Stories

Timothy’s Home Birth Story

Samuel’s Birth Story {Part 1}

Samuel’s Birth Story {Part 2}

Birth Stories Round Up from Around the Web

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Making Babies is my favorite pregnancy resource. I use it all the time!

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