The Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers {Week 1 – Introduction}

The Fruit of the Spirit Toddler Curriculum

ย Samuel is currently 26.5 months

This is the first week of our Fruit of the Spirit curriculum for toddlers. I’m so excited to start sharing with you! I was overwhelmed by the feedback from the introduction post I did a couple of weeks ago, and I pray this is something you all will find very useful. The Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum is nothing more than Intentional Toddler Time with a little more focus.

Week 1 – Fruit of the Spirit Introduction

Verse: Galatians 5:22-23

Letter: F

Number: 1

Color: Green

Shape: Circle

table time

Table time is when we do most of our talking about the Fruit of the Spirit. I call it table time, but it can really happen anywhere. Today, we started in the middle of our schoolroom floor, moved to the “cuddle couch,” and ended at his little writing table. So really it’s just the time we spend together, one-on-one at or near a table. We’ve also used the high chair, dining room table, coffee table, and an airplane tray (we fly with our toddler pack! See our flying with toddler’s post here) in the past.

I put all of the Letter F toddler pack materials (found in the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum) into page protectors in a little folder.

toddler notebook

In the front I keep the Galatians 5:22-23 printable. I also post it on our calendar board, which we occasionally work through if Samuel is interested.

Side note: you’ll see a recurring theme in this curriculum: IF HE’S INTERESTED. This is because at this age we are simply seeking to be intentional with exposing him to the Gospel truth, teaching him basic learning skills, but mostly we’re doing this all through play and at a speed he directs. Learning for a toddler should be fun!!

Before we start work in our packet, I have Samuel repeat after me and together we say the verse. What this does is expose him to scripture, but it also helps grow his vocabulary as he’s learning new words through recitation. Plus he loves the thrill of repeating after me and oftentimes we do it more than once. You can see a video of how we do this in our family devotions post here.

Then, we read the book, Jesus in Me, together. Sometimes we read additional stories if he’s interested, but usually he’s not. We will however read Jesus in Me several times in one sitting. It’s beautifully illustrated and Samuel absolutely loves this book!

Fruit of the Spirit Curriclum for Toddlers

After we read our book, we get our sillies out with Crazy Praise, Vol. 2, Fruit of the Spirit song. We use our Popsicle stick props to go along with the song. We get up and dance and make all the silly noises as we learn Galatians 5:22-23 through song.

Note: I personally use Grooveshark for this part of our singing. I can pull it up on my phone easily through my web browser, and sing it as many times as we want. You can also search YouTube for free versions to listen to (and watch). However, I do plan on just buying this CD or download on iTunes (if I ever learn to use the latter) some day.

Finally, we turn back to our toddler packet and begin to work through it for as long as he wants. Don’t stress about completing the entire packet each day. It’s meant to be fun, so follow your toddler’s needs and attention span! My son happens to love drawing, coloring, and writing so this is something we do throughout the day, multiple times a day.

Fruit of the Spirit Toddler Curriculum

Usually at some other time in the day, we will do a craft or some other fun activity. For this introduction week, he thoroughly enjoyed his do-a-dot Letter F.

fruit of the spirit toddler curriclum

toddler trays

Each week I put together six toddler trays for Samuel to work through at his leisure and interest level. I use my toddler trays to promote fine motor skills along with an opportunity for him to work on colors, shapes, and counting. After we do table time, I turn on some music (To Be Like Jesus album, Sovereign Grace Music) in the background, and I try to encourage him to check out his toddler trays. I will play along with him, or just sit by and watch. But I use this time to observe and interact as he wants me to.

toddler trays

This week’s toddler trays:

  1. Lacing beads
  2. Wooden color set {made myself with materials from JoAnn’s}
  3. Lauri Toys Number Express
  4. 1-5 Counting with color cubes {I got my cubes from the Dollar Tree, and I got the square printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler}
  5. Stacker pegs with Circles
  6. Quiet Book {not pictured because I stole it for our airplane ride}

toddler tray idea

I also prepare a sensory bin for him to play with. This week it was a green themed sensory bin. Samuel is totally hit or miss when it comes to sensory play. This week? A total miss!

learning toys

In addition to his toddler trays, I set out three rotating learning toys. I don’t keep all of his toys out for him all of the time. So I rotate three out each week, or as he loses interest. He does have certain toys that he always has access to, but that’s another post for another day.

learning toys for toddlers

This week’s learning toys:

  1. Wooden hammer and pegs
  2. Farm Animals & Barn
  3. Cash register

free play fun

While most of the United States waits for Spring to get into full swing, we are just now seeing the snow melt (though it does still snow about once a week). Anyhow, this means the ski bums are eating up what’s left of the season, including my hubby and son. I finally got to head up and take a few pictures. Check out this cuteness!

ski dude
And that’s week one of the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers. A low key, simple introduction to get us ready for what’s to come.

Do you think this is something you could do with your toddler?

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  1. I know I’ve already said it, but I’m so excited about this series. I had planned on creating a similar one for my daughter, but now I don’t have to! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am SO excited about this curriculum!!!!! Titus is so excited about school and I have been overwhelmed with where to start. This is perfect!!! The actual idea of teaching the Fruit of the Spirit is awesome as well. I need the refresher and Titus definitely needs to learn what God expects of us!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Remind me – how old is Titus? I’m excited this curriculum will be helpful. The sea of curriculum and how you can teach your child is so vast. It is totally overwhelming to me too sometimes! I think these lessons will be more for me than for Sam to be honest. Ha! Usually are!

  3. Thank you for doing this, Leigh-Anne.! This is a great idea and I will most certainly do this with my 2 year old. Unfortunately we don’ have all the books you have here in South Africa, but I will see how I can substitute it. Much blessings!

    1. Leigh-Anne, bummer on the book! I’m seeing it’s hard to get. It was given to us, and we absolutely love it. It’s just for reinforcement, but I’m sure just talking through the Bible verse(s) in your own words is sufficient!

  4. Thanks so much for making this available. What do we do with the two worksheets that have gray pictures?

    1. If we’re looking at the Letter F printables, for example, page 6 with the fish, fruit bowl, and flower – you can cut that out, laminate (or not) and allow your child to do shadow matching. The color contrast is a great skill to learn, if they seem interested. On page 3 of the same packet, I use the gray fruit bowls to see if he can make lines from one to the other to “write” a letter F. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I will try to remember to do a post on how to use the various worksheets soon.

  5. Do you still plan on continuing this lesson plan? I was so excited when I ran across this, but it doesn’t look like you’re still continuing it, unless I read dates wrong. I really hope you are still continuing because I would love to use this with my 2 year old.