Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers: Loving Obedience {Week 3}

The Fruit of the Spirit Toddler Curriculum

Samuel is currently 28 months

We had so much fun during week 3 of the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers. Samuel is continuing to learn in leaps and bounds right now, and I’m actually having a hard time keeping up with him! This is hands down my favorite part of motherhood so far, but it is hands down the most challenging!

This week we talked about loving obedience with a focus on the Bible story about Jonah and the Big Fish. He loves this story! You can get all the printables (and more information about the curriculum) can be found on our Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers page.

Fruit of the Spirit loving obedience

Week 3: Loving Obedience

Bible Story: Jonah and the Big Fish

Letter: O

Number: 2

Color: Red

Shape: Heart

table time

Samuel loves table time – writing, coloring, painting, etc. He’s totally into it all of it, and I can’t keep enough printables on hand! I’m learning to print off duplicates (at least 5 at a time). Worst case scenario I put it in my printables files for later use.

do a dot

We continued with our Do A Dot Art this week with our Letter O. He absolutely loves it, and he’s getting so good at it.

drawing lines

He totally impressed me this week with his line drawing. Not a single one of those lines are mine. The middle one he nailed! I was so excited to see him do this. I didn’t think he was ready, but I introduced it to him anyway. Sometimes you never know until you try. He loved tracing the lines and we worked on this page over and over again for about fifteen minutes.

color recognition
He continues to enjoy coloring, and again he impressed me this week. He started coloring inside the boxes instead of all over the place. It did require careful instruction and gentle reminders from me, but he loved it. This was a great worksheet for enforcing the colors he mastered last week during our impromptu Do A Dot session. The rest of the week everything was an octopus to him.

water color

He kept begging to paint, so I pulled out some random coloring sheets I had on hand and let him go to town. Sometimes we just don’t stick with any theme. 🙂

Each time sit down to the table together, we would talk about Jonah and the Big Fish and what it means to obey because we love Jesus. You know your toddler, but I’ve found when he’s occupied with an activity he listens better. We also continued with our catechism and devotionals because the first five questions really address why we obey God.

free play

fishing game


As part of the fish theme of the week, we played this fishing game. He totally loved it, and we played it all.the.time. I was really impressed with how well he did (see a theme? I underestimate him all the time!).

We didn’t do any toddler trays or learning toys this week if it wasn’t in our living room or dining room. Why?

potty training


Well because this little boy decided he was all done with diapers – seriously! For about a week, he insisted on “I do it” when it came time for diaper changes. Daddy told him if he wanted to do it, then he needed to put on big boy underwear and put his business in the potty. Daddy had no idea how seriously Samuel was wanting to “I do it” because little man looked over at me like, “Where’s my big boy underwear, Mom?” So Mommy not realizing how serious this little guy was put some underwear on over his diaper. Mommy promptly forgot until he said, “Oh no, Mommy! Potty!” And off he ran to the bathroom. We’ve not been in diapers since, and we’ve had very, very few accidents. Regardless, I didn’t know that at the time, so we stayed on easy to clean surfaces for the week while we got the hang of going potty.


He didn’t mind though because this meant we spent more time in the kitchen. He loves cooking about as much as painting. So I try to involve him as much as I possibly can when I’m working in the kitchen. On this day, he was helping me make homemade granola.

And that’s week three of the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers. Be sure to check out the Fruit of the Spirit printables here along with the lesson plans for more detailed information.

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  1. Oh thanks for sharing this post! and for the freebies.
    I love all the pics of your adorable son AND especially the one with him sitting on the counter in his undies…..LOL! Tooo cute! BIG BOY NOW!