Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum: For God So Loved the World {Week 2}

The Fruit of the Spirit Toddler Curriculum

Samuel is currently 27 months

We had so much fun during week 2 of the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum. Samuel is learning in leaps and bounds right now, and I’m actually having a hard time keeping up with him!

This week we talked about God’s love with a focus on John 3:16. You can get all the printables (and more information about the curriculum) can be found on our Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers page.

Fruit of the Spirit God's love printabes

Week 2: God’s Love

Verse: John 3:16

Letter: L

Number: 2

Color: Red

Shape: Heart

table time

Samuel loves table time – writing, coloring, painting, etc. He’s totally into and I can’t keep enough printables on hand! I’m learning to print off duplicates (at least 5 at a time). Worst case scenario I put it in my printables files for later use.

Letter L stickers

Instead of do-a-dot one day, we pulled out our scratch-n-sniff fruit stickers that I picked up from Staples a while back. This kept him busy for about 20 minutes! He almost filled three sheets before he decided he was “all done.”

fruit of the spirit curriculum

Do-a-dot was not missing from our week, however. We did our Do-a-Dot Letter L worksheet {found in printable packet downloads}.

do a dot

On another day, I just gave him a blank sheet of paper and his do-a-dot paints. Dinner was in the oven and we were waiting on Daddy. Samuel had been struggling with color recognition – mixing them up or not knowing them at all. So I sat down with him during his creative play and named the colors as he painted. He was totally interested!

stacking and color recognition

Once he tired of painting, we stacked the do-a-dot lids, continuing to name the colors and even did a little counting.

color stacking

Of course as soon as the do-a-dot lid tower was built was time for DESTRUCTION! Love his battle cry face. 🙂

color matching

After the lids were stacked (and knocked over), we did color matching with the lids, naming the colors as we went. He totally loved this little impromptu activity. We did this little sequence at least 10 times! By the end, he totally had his colors!

john 3:16 coloring page

We did lots of coloring throughout the week. I printed off the John 3:16 printables from BibleStoryPrintables.com. I had my toddler say the verse with me (repeating after me, of course). We also practiced our memory verse during family devotions.

fruit of the spirit toddler craft

For our God’s love craft, I kept it very simple. You can find instructions in our God’s Love printables. Samuel loved it. We read from The Jesus Storybook Bible. The illustrations are wonderful!

toddler trays

toddler trays

This Week’s Toddler Trays:

  1. Lacing beads
  2. Pipe cleaners and pony beads (in matching colors)
  3. Melissa & Doug Stack and Sort Board
  4. Melissa & Doug Joey Magnetic Dress-Up
  5. Tiny pom poms, paint tray, and tongs
  6. Melissa & Doug Cutting Food

fine motor skills

I was really impressed with his interest in this pom poms and tongs. I tried to work on sequencing with him, but he’s not ready. So we just focused on fine motor skills.

melissa and doug cutting food

The Melissa & Doug Cutting Food was very, very, very popular. We’ve had this for a while, but I’ve kept it put away. Wow! This kid has been playing with this toddler tray for hours on end. One morning he snuck out of bed, headed down to his play room, and I found him just like this. He’s getting really good at it too!

Melissa & Doug magnetic doll

Another popular toddler tray. This was new to him as well. His Grammy keeps him stocked in Melissa & Doug learning toys. We are so thankful!

learning toys

This week his learning toys were the same as last week.

learning toys for toddlers

He hadn’t yet lost interest so I let them be for another week. However, no pictures. Oops!

free play

toddler bowling

I found this little toddler bowling set on clearance at WalMart. We had SO MUCH fun! This mama had to try something. We have balls flying around our house all the time, and this kid has a serious arm on him! He never would roll the ball with me, but this helped him learn the art of rolling (and even how to do it!). Win!

And that’s week two of the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers. Be sure to check out the Fruit of the Spirit printables here.

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  1. I just found you site and I simply fell in love! I have a 3.5 year old son, Theo, and have been wanting to find some simple bible activities to teach him. Thank you so much for all the free printables and lesson plans. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    1. No toddler tray ideas. I considered adding that, but then decided to leave that up to teacher. I’ve found that my toddler trays don’t generally follow the theme for the week very often.