Frequently Asked Questions About the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum

FAQ about the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers

Do you have questions about something regarding the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum? Are you having some technical difficulties downloading the material? Take a look through these frequently asked questions and maybe we can help you out.

Common Questions before Purchasing

Who is the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for?

The Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum was written for use with toddlers between the ages of two and three being taught at home, but the curriculum can be easily adapted for other uses. See this post for a full explanation: Who Can Use the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum?

Why did you write the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers?

I wrote it out of a conviction to teach my child biblical truths while exposing him to a variety of early learning skills, and I couldn’t find it on the market elsewhere. See this post for a full explanation: Why I Wrote the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum.

How do you organize your lesson plans?

I wrote an entire post to answer this question: How I Organize My Homeschool Lesson Plans for Preschool.

Do I need anything special to do this curriculum with my child?

You will need a Bible and basic craft supplies. In addition, access to a printer would probably be helpful.

Do I have to use your recommended children’s Bibles?

I recommend both The Jesus Storybook Bible and the Read and Learn Bible, but you can easily use your Bible of choice. Sometimes, we’ll just read the story in the “big kid” bible. A children’s Bible isn’t mandatory to the curriculum working well for you.

Use what your family is familiar with. If you’re looking for recommendations on good, quality children’s Bibles, then the two I recommend are top of my list.

You recommend the book, Jesus in Me, to be read each week. I can’t find it easily and my library doesn’t carry it. Do you have any other suggestions/ideas for a good alternative? How much do you think it adds to the curriculum?

โ€‹I have no idea why this book is so hard to get. It makes me sad because it is REALLY good. It’s beautifully illustrated, and I think it makes Galatians 5:22-23 understandable for a child without dumbing the verse down and compromising the truth. If you can get your hands on this book, I highly recommend it.

Will it make or break the curriculum as a whole? Absolutely not. Reading books for each individual Fruit of the Spirit will be PLENTY SUFFICIENT!

If anyone finds another book for the Fruit of the Spirit for children that covers Galatians 5:22-23, I would love to hear about it! I have searched and not found one I would recommend as exclusively as I do Jesus in Me.

Can you tell me approximately how many pages this is, printed? I’m trying to decide the best way to print it off.

The Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum with every single possible printable you could imagine (links to other sites not included) is 350 pages. Now, are all of these necessary? NO. I included as much as I possibly could so that you could pick and choose what works for your child. This keeps you from having to search out a letter A template on the Internet and can print to use when you need it.

Additionally, I make the large amount of pages manageable by printing the lesson plans two to a page. The lessons plans are 99 pages long. Therefore, by printing these two to a page, I can reduce this to just 50 pages. If you do front and back, that’s 25 pages. It depends on your printers capabilities for the latter.

If you have an eReader, then I suggest sending the lesson plans to your eReader. This saves printer ink and paper.

The printables are OPTIONAL and dependent upon your child’s interest. So you may not even need the printables at all.

If you do use the printables, consider putting them in sheet protectors and completing them with a dry erase marker. Then when you’re done, store the set away into a file folder to pull out another time. This saves time and money too.

I also space out printing the printables so that I disperse my ink costs throughout the year instead of fronting the bill all at once. Same with laminating anything.

Does this material come in Spanish?

Not at this time.

Are the scripture printables available in other translations?

I use the English Standard Version of the Bible in the curriculum. There is not another version available at this time.

Receiving Your eBook and Additional Downloadable Resources

After your purchase is completed through PayPal, you should receive an automatic email containing the download links. It will come to you in a .zip file, which contains the Lesson Plans eBook and a file for the Printables. This email goes directly to whichever email account is connected to your PayPal account.

Sometimes these emails wind up in spam folders, instead of in your inbox. Before you worry that you didn’t get the email, make sure you check your spam folder first. We know it’s a pain, but unfortunately it happens.

I bought the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum on my phone through PayPal and I just thought it would download to Kindle. So I closed the website and now I don’t know where to find it.

You’ll want to check your email account that is connected to PayPal. You should have received an automatic email containing the download links.

Downloading Devices (eReaders, iPads, phones, etc.) and Other Technical Issues

How do I download the eBook and the resources to my computer?

In the email that you receive, there will be a link to download your .zip file. You’ll simply download the .zip file onto your computer. You can open this file up and you’ll find your eBook along with the all the downloadable resources, which you can save into the appropriate files on your computer.

What is a .zip file and how do I open it?

We used a .zip file for the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum simply because it compresses files and the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum is HUGE! This helps to make it a bit easier and faster to transfer and download the book and all its resources.

For both Windows and Mac users, you can review this very helpful WikiHow tutorial, which will show you exactly how to open your .zip file, without additional software. As long as your computer is relatively new, you should be able to open the files without any trouble.

If you have an older computer without this capability (or the above did not work for you), you can open .zip files is with a program called WinZip. You can download a trial version here for free.

Can I download them on my iPad, iPhone or any other eReader devices?

Yes, but there is a step you need to take first. Due to the size of the Fruit of the Spirit, you should first download it onto a regular desktop or laptop computer. If you try to download directly onto any type of smaller device, the files will not download properly.

First, open your purchase email, unzip, and download the eBook and additional resources onto your regular computer. Once this is done, then you can proceed to transfer your eBook to your device of choice.

For Kindle, you can use the “Send to Kindle” app. It works on PC or Mac. It can send files (once they are downloaded) to your Kindle or Kindle app. Or you can email the PDF to your Kindle address. Just compose a new email, insert your kindle email address into the “to” field, attach the PDF and send. It should show up on your Kindle device soon!

For other eBook readers, you’ll have to do it however you normally do for that device. Usually this involves downloading them onto your computer first, then transferring the files via USB or WiFi to your device after they have been downloaded.

How long will my download link work for?

The links in your purchase email will work for 30 days, which gives you plenty of time to make sure that you get all of your files downloaded and stored properly on your computer. We would advise that you download the eBook and accompanying resources immediately (even the files you think you may not use!) and not wait the entire 30 days. It’s too easy to forget to go back and download, and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed when you realize your links no longer work. Also, just in case you experience a download error, you have 5 download attempts to make sure that you get all of your resources!

Sharing Files

Can I email the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum to my friends/family?

Although in electronic form, an eBook is meant to be the personal property of the purchaser. It is a violation of copyright and purchase agreement to forward the entire book to another person or share any portion of this content without prior consent of Leigh Ann Dutton.

Can I buy this as a gift for my friends/family?

Of course, just forward them the download email! Just be sure you didn’t download them first. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sharing About the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum

I want to share the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum on my blog. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, I do. You can sign up for my affiliate program here.

I want to do a review and giveaway on my blog. Can I?

You’re always welcome to do a review on your blog without asking my permission first. I’d love for you to share your review with me so I can share it with my readers as well.

As for hosting a giveaway, you are welcome to fill out this application form for me to evaluate best fit and slot you a time. Once you fill out the form, email me at leighann {at} intentionalbygrace {dot} com to start the conversation.

I want to leave a testimonial. Where can I do that?

I’ve made it easy for you! Just fill out this form, and I will receive your testimonial in a nice spreadsheet format.


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  1. Hi! I purchased the curruculum a few weeks ago but permanently deleted the email before I got a chance to download it. :/ can you email it to me again please?? Thanks!
    Lindsey Mitchell

  2. I just bought the curriculum but when I click the link in the email it tells me “The download link (see browser address bar) has been used too many times. If you think this reason is in error, please contact the site administrator.” I’m at a loss as to what to do here.

  3. Hi I just purchases this book and it just brings me to an error screen when I click on it, can you please email me another link.

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  5. our computer is older, tried the winzip, doesn’t work, we have an xp computer,not sure how to get it downloaded

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  7. Hi! I just tried to download the curriculum for the first time and my email link had expired. I just now read all of the info and see that it expires after 30 days – this makes me sad! I was hoping to use it with the new year. Please let me know if I can get a renewal of your curriculum. Thank you.