21-Day Topical Bible Reading Plan on Rest. Free download printable to help with Bible Reading

Free Topical Bible Reading Plan on Rest

Do you have a biblical understanding of rest? Download this FREE topical Bible reading plan and spend 21 days meditating on what it means to rest!

Free Bible Reading Plan Printable  on Rest

We live in a fast-paced society, and it is an ever-present battle to stop the hurry and flurry of life and just slow down.

To just rest.

Learning the rhythms of work and rest has been a near constant battle for me.

I’m a go-getter, big-picture, goal-setting, glass-all-the-way-full kind of gal.

But after my third child was born, I quickly realized that the pace I had been keeping wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

God began to work a deep conviction in me that rest was something I needed to seek His wisdom on, and in the quiet season of newborn-ville, I dipped my toes into the wonderful study of God’s word and what it has to say about rest…

And can I just tell you?

It has been the richest experience of my Christian walk yet.

Do you have a biblical understanding of rest?

21-Day Topical Bible Reading Plan on Rest. Free download printable to help with Bible Reading

Creating monthly Bible reading plans is such a privilege. I look forward to creating each new plan because I get to study the Scriptures first.

I get to read the Word and be reminded of who God is and what He’s done and what He’s going to do through His people as we seek Him.

When the word REST continued to come to mind for the month of April, I got so excited because this is a topic near and dear to my heart.

And as I contemplated how to compile this month’s Bible reading plan on rest, I kept thinking:

Rest is often something we give to God as our leftovers when in reality it’s a first fruit.

We must first rest in God, and we cannot rest in God apart from the work of Christ.

This is why the Sabbath rest is so special, so sacred.

If we aren’t resting in Him, if we aren’t abiding in Him, then nothing good comes from us.

For it is from THIS rest that we work.

That we give life to those around us.

I cannot wait for you to dive into this topical Bible reading plan on rest.

It’s only going to scratch the surface, but I know it will spark a desire in you to continue to develop your theology of rest and work.

I’ve compiled 21 verses that focus on who God is, what He has accomplished through Christ, and what He wants to do through you as you rest in Him.

With the help of my assistant, Ashley, we’ve put this together into a free printable that you can print off and stick in your prayer notebook or prayer journal.

You can read through this plan alone, or gather some friends to read with you.

Or better yet, maybe you can do what this family does who wrote to me:

“Right now our family is reading through one of your Bible reading plans (currently Self Control) individually and then talking about each passage together at breakfast. It’s been a sweet way to start our day.”

What a great idea!

However you want to use this plan, I hope that you will be blessed.

Rest Bible Reading Plan Free Topical Bible Reading Plan on Rest for 21-Days

This 21-Day Bible Reading Plan will guide you through various Scriptures that are all tied to understanding rest.

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Rest Bible Reading Plan and Journal (Printable Download)

If you’re interested, we have created a companion JOURNAL to go with the reading plan!

Printable Journal for Bible Reading Plan on Rest. Check it out in the store!

This beautiful printable journal is meant to guide you through the 21-day Bible reading plan.

It gives you question prompts and space to journal your own thoughts as you read and meditate on what God’s Word says about rest.


  • 21-days of Scripture passages on rest
  • Daily questions to guide your reading
  • Room to journal your responses to each question
  • A focused plan to guide you into a deeper understanding of biblical rest
  • PLUS a brand new feature – Scripture memory cards!

Brand New Addition to our Bible reading plan journals!

We want to provide the best tools to help you hide God’s Word in your heart, and for this plan, to learn to rest in Him.

Therefore, we have included in this Bible reading plan printable Scripture memory cards that will help you memorize some key verses around the topic while you work through the 21-Day bible reading plan.

The plan is FREE, but you can find the Companion Journal in the Intentional by Grace store.

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Printable Journal for Bible Reading Plan on Rest. Check it out in the store!

Why 21 Days?

Our Bible Reading Plans are just 21 days long.

This way you don’t have to worry about “getting behind” if you’re working through one Bible reading plan a month. You can work at your own pace and go deeper into each area of text if you desire.

Plus, there are no dates or days marked on the plans. This means you can 
skip around and read the passages in any order you like, at any time of year you like.

We are praying this Bible reading plan and journal companion will help you have a special place to record your thoughts as you quiet your heart and mind to read God’s Word and learn what Jesus meant when He said, I tell you that something greater than the temple is here.”

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Printable Journal for Bible Reading Plan on Rest. Check it out in the store!

We pray this Bible Reading Plan blesses you and encourages you to dive deeper into various areas of study for His glory.

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