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Free Topical Bible Reading Plan on Intentional Living

Looking for a Bible reading plan? Check out this one on living intentionally!

FREE Bible Reading Plan on Intentional Living

In order to stay consistent with reading my Bible, I need to have a plan. A plan keeps me accountable, gives me something to look forward to, and just helps me stay focused overall.

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My Bible reading plan has ranged from reading the Bible in a year (which actually took me two years) to camping out in a book of the Bible (1 Corinthians was amazing last year) to looking up all the passages on a certain topic in my concordance and then working through the scriptures I find systematically (a word study on grace led to some interesting discoveries).

Reading our Bibles and knowing what our Bible says is important. I talk a lot about the need for Bible literacy in my free eCourse, 4 Lies We Believe that Keep Us from Changing. You can check that eCourse out here.

Topical Bible Reading Plan on Living Intentionally

FREE Bible Reading Plan on Intentional Living

I have had a lot of women tell me that their word for this year is “intentional.” So, I thought it would be helpful to pull together a topical Bible reading plan on living intentionally.

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Intentional Living Bible Reading Plan Journal (Printable Download)

If you’re interested, we have created a companion JOURNAL to go with the reading plan!

This beautiful printable journal is meant to guide you through the 21-day Bible reading plan.

It gives you question prompts and space to journal your own thoughts as you read and meditate on what God’s Word says about intentional living.


  • 21-days of Scripture passages on intentional living
  • Daily questions to guide your reading
  • Room to journal your responses to each question
  • A focused plan to guide you into a deeper understanding of intentional living

The plan is FREE, but you can find the Companion Journal in the Intentional by Grace store.

Click HERE to checkout the His Perfect Peace Companion Journal.

Intentional Living Bible Reading PlanWhy 21 Days?

Our Bible Reading Plans are just 21 days long.

This way you don’t have to worry about “getting behind” if you’re working through one Bible reading plan a month. You can work at your own pace and go deeper into each area of text if you desire.

Plus, there are no dates or days marked on the plans. This means you can 
skip around and read the passages in any order you like, at any time of year you like.

We are praying this Bible reading plan and journal companion will help you have a special place to record your thoughts as you quiet your heart and mind to read God’s Word and experience God’s truth on intentional living.

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We pray this Bible Reading Plan blesses you and encourages you to dive deeper into various areas of study for His glory.

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Free Printable Bible Reading Plans for Subscribers!

What Bible reading plan are you using this month?

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