Episode 24: A Journey to Believing God is Enough {An Interview with Christin Slade}

Do you ever struggle with wondering if God is truly enough for you? Does the disappointment seem too much? The battle not worth fighting? Then this podcast episode is for you!

Today I have an interview with Christin Slade from ChristinSlade.com.

During our time together we talked about everything from biblical womanhood to marriage to health to identity. It’s truly a jam-packed episode!

Is God enough? This is the million dollar question, isn't it? This podcast episode takes you through one woman's journey into discovering God is enough!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How her marriage suffered from a false idea of biblical manhood and womanhood
  • Her need for answering the question, “Is God enough for me?”
  • How re-centering her life on communion with God changed everything
  • Her journey into greater health and fitness
  • What she’s doing to overcome guilt and truly exercise her need for soul-care

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Books Mentioned in this episode:

Marriage After God, by Jennifer and Aaron Smith

Kisses from Katie, by Katie Davis Majors

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