Battling Depresison as Christian Women

Episode 19: One Woman’s Battle with Depression (An Interview with Sarah Head)

Today I have an interview with my friend, Sarah Head. She has battled depression since she was a young girl, and today she’s sharing her story.

Battling Depresison as Christian Women

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Sarah battled depression as a young girl
  • The moment when she decided to get in the fight for her life
  • Her battle plan for overcoming depression and continuing the fight even when she emerged victorious

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Resources for Fighting Depression

Sarah has put together downloadable Scripture cards to help fight depression.

Click here to download your Flourish Scripture Cards.

If you want access to her Worship playlist, click here. If you don’t use Spotify, then just view the list and add the songs to your player of choice.

Follow Sarah Head

You can find Sarah on Instagram here, or at her blog, Our Happy Headquarters.

Links from this Episode:

Scripture References from this Episode

  • Psalm 28
  • Psalm 40
  • Romans 15:13

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