Easy Homemade Pancakes {Grain Mill Wagon}

We love pancakes in our family. My toddler especially loves them and he loves to help make them. Since we enjoy kids in the kitchen, we’ve made Saturdays a pancake making tradition.

Today I’m over at the Grain Mill Wagon blog posting about our very favorite homemade pancake recipe.

I received a Wondermill to try out in exchange for completing the Grain Mill Wagon challenge, and I have to say I’m totally loving it. I’m humbled and excited at the chance to experiement and share my successes over at Grain Mill Wagon blog. So stay tuned because the next several Fridays will be all about easy recipes using a grain mill like the Wondermill.

Here’s an easy berry sauce recipe you can use to go along with your homemade pancakes.

Note: If you do not have a grain mill, you can use any flour you wish. We enjoyed King Arthur’s White Whole Wheat before receiving our grain mill. 

Do you have a Saturday morning tradition? Share in the comments!


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  1. We have pancakes, French toast, and occasionally donuts on Saturday morning. Things are a bit more relaxed and there is time to savor (and indulge) breakfast! BTW, wanted to let you know that I have added your blog to my side bar. I sure do appreciate your posts at both blogs!
    Happy Mother’s Day

  2. Mmm…tasty! Gotta try this berry sauce! We have pancakes almost every week, but we use a blender to grind the gains rather than a grain mill. Ice cream, yogurts and all sort of fruits like bananas and strawberries are staples with pancakes for us