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Do Life Differently in 2021

Does it matter if Christian women set goals? Do you wish you could do life differently in 2021 no matter what happens? Then, this post is for you.

How did 2020 go for you?

Did you make the changes you wanted to make?

Did you grow in that area of your spiritual life you wanted to?

Are you where you want to be right now?


Well, I have good news!

Where you are now is not where you’re going to stay.

2021 can be different!

Not because your circumstances are different.

But because you learned something in 2020.

I know that you are more grounded than you’ve ever been.

I know that you’re more aware of the fragility of life than you’ve ever been.

I know that you are more thirsty for the presence of the Lord than you’ve ever been.

Therefore, you’re more ready for Kingdom vision than you’ve ever been before.

Maybe you didn’t get it all right in 2020.

Maybe you grumbled more than you wish you did.

Maybe you did less than you wanted.

Maybe that’s all true.

But here’s what else is true…

It wasn’t until after Eve messed up in the Garden of Eden that Adam reminded her who she was by naming her Eve – mother of all living…


Like Eve, you, too, are made to give life!

What you’ve done doesn’t change that.

What you believe about yourself doesn’t change that.

It is who He says you are that matters.

You are a woman, made in the image of God, and you are made to give life.

You still have purpose.

You still have hope.

You still have life in your lungs, and you will breathe holy life into your home, your church, and your community this year.

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To where you’re MADE to be.

Are you ready to do life differently in 2021?

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If you want to do life differently in 2021, I’ll be with you every step of the way this year.

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