DIY Valentine’s Day Cards {Toddler Approved}

Last week I posted this picture on our Intentional By Grace Facebook page with the following words:

I have dishes in my sink, floors covered in mud, beds unmade, and laundry the size of Mount Everest. So I decided to do some painting with my toddler. #priorities

Mamas, trust me I know it’s really hard sometimes. I do. And even on this day, soon after I snapped this picture, my little love spilled water everywhere because of disobedience, threw himself on the floor in a temper tantrum because his dog went upstairs, asked for more milk a hundred times, and pulled all the muddy boots into the living room for the millionth time that morning (after being told not to).

But in this moment, this single moment captured, we created memories. We said to heck with the mud, the dishes can crust, the laundry can sour, the emails can wait, and we painted and we glued and we glittered. We made an enormous mess. But he laughed and he said, “Thank you, Mommy.”

Those toes are forever captured into a little red shaped heart for not just me, but for grandmaw and grandpaw, aunts, and cousins too all because we ignored the mud on the floor in the spirit of love.

DIY Valentine's Day Card

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

What You Need:

  • Paint {we used red}
  • Paintbrush for applying paint to feet {I use ones like these. I get mine from Wal-Mart. Did you know they are cheaper in the hardware section than in the craft section? Rip off. *Ahem*}
  • White card stock
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Jewels and/or glitter
  • Sharpie {for writing message}
  • Wet & dry paper towels for easy clean up

What You Do:

Paint one tiny foot at a time. I did the right foot first. When we had completed all the right foot prints, I wiped his feet with wet paper towels to remove the majority of the paint, and then did the left foot. With both feet prints, you’ll have a “V” shape.

Once your foot prints dry (won’t take long), make a heart shape using glue around your little foot prints.

Then, start placing your jewels on the glue.

toddler approved vday card

This is also when you can use glitter, if you would like. Glitter is messy, but totally loved by any toddler. The jewels make a very pretty, sophisticated Valentine’s card. We ran out of jewels, so we did a little of both!

Vday collage 1

Finally, write your message on your heart for your Valentine and cut around the heart shape.

From the bottom of my heart, to the tips of my toes, I love you!

vday collage 2

Voila! An easy, fun, memorable Valentine’s Day Card! We made one for each set of grandparents and great grandparents!

What can you do today to make memories that will last forever?

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  1. Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing! I love this blog for new ideas! I am a full time working mom but trusting God to bring me home to homeschool my two boys (He’s already working!!) I am constantly downloading the printabiles off this site and using them when I can with them.