Discovering the Real Meaning of True Womanhood

For the longest time, I had no idea what it meant to be a true woman of God. What is biblical femininity? Why does it matter? In light of what Christ has done, what does it mean to live out real, true womanhood? Before we can answer this question, we must understand why we were created uniquely woman. We must understand the purpose of any of God’s creation.

Why We Were Created Woman

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. ~Genesis 1:27

We are women made in the image of God. This means, as women, we can put on display characteristics of God that speak to God’s compassion, gentleness, creativity, and more. We can, in the truest sense, along with all of God’s creation, speak to the greatness of the glory of Christ put on display at Calvary through the way we live out our real femininity.

What True Womanhood is Not

Real women are not wimpy, passive, inferior, or weak. True women are not crass, loud, rebellious, pushy, or controlling. Real women do not have to prove their worth to the world because their identity is found in the person of Jesus Christ.

What True Womanhood Is

Our femininity is not about us. Our femininity is about God. There are parts of Christ’s glory that would not be put on display in this world without womanhood; without our femininity. We were not made women by accident. True womanhood is not about mere physical differences or competencies. It is about the unique privilege to speak to the good news of Christ. In displaying real femininity you will find strength, dignity, worth, and bravery because it is grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How to Live Out True Womanhood

As women, we can do one of two things in regards to our femininity. We can choose to trust God’s infinite wisdom, goodness, and sovereignty and embrace true womanhood; or we can reject God’s infinite wisdom, goodness, and sovereignty and define femininity according to worldly standards.

Before you choose, will you consider for a moment the importance of your decision? Remember, real femininity exists to put on display the glory of the Cross of Jesus Christ. If you believe this to be true, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that the Devil would love nothing more than to muddy the waters between masculinity and femininity? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that to strip us of our womanhood would strip God of the glory He so deserves? Doesn’t it stand to reason that a rejection of true womanhood rejects the Gospel and our mission to spread the good news of Christ, because without womanhood to compliment manhood, we lose a lot of the luster of the Cross?

To live out real femininity, we must embrace biblical womanhood. We must trust God and His wisdom. We must seek the truth in God’s Word. For far too long, I kept a list of what I thought biblical womanhood was and I tried very hard to live by this list. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that true womanhood is not limited to my hand scrawled list of do’s and don’ts. True womanhood has everything to do with God and His glory.

Do you struggle with God’s design for you as a woman? Have your views changed?

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